[H]<Dreamteàm> Recruiting ranged DPS, All exceptional players welcome to apply

Dream Team is a reasonably new guild to Barthilas

12/12 N
12/12 H

Were made of players who work and have lives outside of wow or loved ones so we are focused on a work life balance.
We enjoy good and humorous Banter and not always the appropriate banter but all meant in good fun and we know that.
Minimal drama.
We have a good leadership team filled with long term players from Vanilla to returning players, majority of us have done hardcore raiding and are after a more family friendly work life balance.
We raid Wed and Sun from 8pm to 11pm ST.

We are looking to move into Mythic raiding now we have AOTC. For this we need Ranged DPS primarily along with those that will attend majority of raids for progression.
All exceptional players are welcome to apply. This does not necessarily apply to ilevel or DPS but more the ability to improve yourself with help and without. We can give you the resources that will improve you but you have to want to learn and put some effort into your character.

Message any of the following in game to enquire:
Catàlyst - dragonic#1158
Hathõr - mish#6934

PS Feet Pics are available. PST Feetpics in game for free pics. :wink:

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To clarify we are HORDE

Highly recommend applying to Dreamteam if you want a chill but still highly skilled environment. I love running keys with their crew and it’s always a great experience.

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Hi there guys,

I have recently served transferred and it looks like your guild is exactly what I am after.

I will send you an in game message to start the chat.

Thank you,