[H]Blaumeux - [Reverse] is looking for skilled players to fill our last core slots. Loot system EPGP / Loot Council

Welcome to Reverse, an experienced raiding guild with a laid back atmosphere who is currently recruiting skilled level 60’s to fill our core raiding slots for BWL / MC / Ony / ZG and other level 55+ members for running non-raid endgame content. 21+ guild only. We are seeking mature members that are like minded and know when to have fun or buckle down for progression fights. Loot system is EPGP.

Current Core Progression for the guild is 8/9 AQ with C ’ Thun killed- MC: 10/10 Ony: 1/1 BWL: 8/8 full clear every week. ZG clears on every lock out.
Raid teams that we are currently recruiting for:

Hounds Team, Tues / Monday 7pm-10pm server time, Loot system EPGP:
Beat Tank - 1
Rogue Dps - Open
Warlock Dps - Open
Mage Dps - Open
Priest Healer - Open
Resto Shaman - Open

Cannoli Team, Wed / Thurs 7pm-10pm server time, Loot system EPGP:
All slots full & Closed

Please Contact: Discord-Zidane#4239 B-net Zidain#1516 for more info or any officers in Reverse. Last updated on 9/14/2020


Hey all, looking for like minded players for a raid team that focuses on continuous improvement and enjoyment of the game. We’re looking to build a team for the long haul into future classic / future expansions. Feel free to reach out to Kydo or myself or any guild member to get in contact.


hey are you guys still recruiting? i just resubbed. haven’t played since nov, but we were farming mc and ony.

Yes we still have recruitment open slots to fill on our roster, please contact kydo for more info

Very nice!

Updated the roster on 4/14/2020. Reverse main focus atm is on filling our last few core slots in our healing core, and a few more dps slots. If you have any questions, dont be shy to ask us for more info. Solid Teams that is clearing 8/8 BWL / 10/10 MC. Both teams work very good in supporting each others making sure all raids are full and clearing all content. Also very active community when it comes to PVP / running instances & world events.

Updated recruiting with Team 1 only needing a warlock for core slot Tues / Thurs. Team 2 needs either 2 priest healers or 1 priest 1 resto druid Wed / Thurs.

Both teams core’s solidified with full clears of mc/bwl each week and 2-3 ZG runs from both teams a week. Looking to backfill two spots from people going back to work. Come say hi!

Updating status on the rosters & we have 4 slots to fill on our Tues / Thurs raid team.

Bumpity bump - come talk with us to find your new home for the foreseeable future!

Hey Reverse. Looking to transfer and find a new home. 60 Warlock. I’ve only done a bit of raiding with some casual guilds but not working out. Still recruiting warlocks for Tues/Thurs?

yeah for sure we have a open dps slot on the Hounds team that fits those times perfectly. you can reach out to me in discord Zidane#4239 for more info to chat it up.

Solid group of players, laid back and still clearing all content. Easy going loot system. just shooting to fill a few raid slots due to swapping raid days with one of our teams.

PM me if you would like to hear about my experience before joining.

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Yikes. Same here. PM me if you would like to hear more…

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I hear some juicy drama happened to this guild

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