Havoc spec bonuses

I think that may be our only real option as our recent class rework seemed to have been tailored around the season 3 tier set. I am not sure we would do well using either of the other two season with this changes.

Would love the option to pick whichever tier set we want, with whatever transmog we want

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They should make S3 tier set as a talent choice btw…


they’re SS tier with this set, most people will vote for it

Season 3 bonuses all the way dude

how is s1 bonuses getting votes…

Season 3 all the way, should be no debate about it. But if Blizzard wants to do this correctly and cater to everyone, they just need to add a vender in game, and everyone just choose what tier they want to play. Allowing us to change it depending to our liking.


Not having to manually click throw glaive and get fury starved with furious throws is just too convenient to pass up. This 2-piece needs to become a permanent addition to the class.


PLEASE more demon hunter customizations, and self-powered flight like Dracthyr! I would love to see more “demon souls” represented, and it could be super simple to add in! Like Felstalker “dreadlocks”, permanent wings, customizable meta form. Red scaly skin on Kaldorei demon hunters, purple scaly skin on Sin’dorei demon hunters. Prominent fel cracking and blackened skin on our hands. That kind of thing! A lot of these sorts of options exist on NPCs, it seems like it would be easy enough!


I don’t like throw glaives, so that’s not good news for me.

I honestly don’t get why so many dh dislike cycle/sd, basically all the best/most fun specs in the game have some form of cdr/cd extension.

Oh but uptime, oh but this and that, look, if you thought about this a little longer you would realize why these complaints are nonsensical.

You will never remove punishment by downtime, adding mechanics, adding complexity to a rotation like a proc or a cdr mechanic, must come with a requirement, usually the requirement is that you actually have to stay on target.

Do you get what i mean? To make a spec that is actually fun to play you must have some requirements, one of them is pretty much always to stay on target and actually do your rotation, no damage means no procs, no cdr, no cde, etc…

So what’s the solution? Just make all specs boring with 90% of the time waiting, pressing 1 ability every 10 seconds that does massive damage? I mean, you certainly solved the majority if not all of the “downtime” problem, but was it worth it? Id say hell no.

All of these complaints about cdr/cde, there is nothing objective about them, it’s just that apparently a lot of dh have issues with these mechanics, but it’s 100% subjective as a problem.

Dreadstalker dreadlocks would be dope! Would be incredible to have more customization in line with the lore of demon hunters taking on some of the unique appearances of the demon they slay/consume during the initial DH ritual.

Soar reskin is just must though! I can see either permanent wings with more appearance options or even a faux visage/metamorphosis form that you transform during the cast, launch into air and soar and lasts until you land.

Because CD extension only muds DPS profiles, turning them flat, and they also increase the uptime reliance of a spec.

SD/ CoH are objectively bad talents from a throughput point of view, and from a gameplay one, people just don’t like being in Meta 24/7.


They can just add another cd to give you that burstier profile.

Also, let’s not pretend that havoc had absolutely not burst at all.

Does cdr with anger management give fury no burst at all? Even though you have recklessness up 80% of the time? No because with rav/reck/ avatar and spear you still have pretty significant burst especially in aoe.

See what i mean, you guys don’t actually think, you have a conclusion in mind and you try to make the argument fit your points.

You can still have burst even with high main cd uptime.

Crackshot is an example. For sub you could have 100% uptime on shadow dance and you could still have significant burst if shadow blades was tuned to give you burst.

The argument just doesn’t stick, and this “too much meta” uptime is just a subjective problem, not an objective one. as there are many ways to work around a flat profile, and a flat profile by itself is not necessarily bad. Enhance has a flat profile, yet it’s almost meta. And if it has better defensives, and better uncapped aoe, it would 100% be a meta spec, even with the flat profile.

All this hate about coh/sd is unwarranted, and frankly a little insane at this point, you coh haters frankly need to calm down already. Not everything needs to be about giving you the absolute maximum burst potential, which usually gets nerfed anyway.

If cdr/cde was so bad for throughput then how come that enhance, outlaw and even sd havoc are performing well? Seems to me that you’re just coming up with garbage to justify your point, and that ultimately this isn’t really an inherent issue of cdr/cde, but rather a tuning issue. In fact, most specs in the game have some form of cdr or cde. The argument you’re trying to make is just complete and utter bs, not supported by actual data.

It’s just that you don’t like cdr/cde and you’re trying to make an argument that fits those points.

A rework just happened. It’s not going to happen for a while, not to mention the spec is perfectly fine atm.

I don’t know if you played the period of BfA → SL but Havoc had absolutely 0 burst and a super flat profile for that period of time.

Do you know what high uptime of Meta did for the spec? It ended up being tuned around it. Havoc did no damage outside of Meta and inside of it it averaged to a mid-tier or even lower spec.

The spec had no burst to speak of and it had a massively punishing rotation because of CoH through all of those periods.

There’s a reason most old DHs hate CoH/SD with passion. Most of the time this spec has been bad its because of Demonic and massive uptime of Meta, we just don’t want it back.

If you think it this argument doesn’t stick then you just haven’t played Havoc in BfA/SL.

So you’re just gonna repeat the same debunked points and think that the answer will be different?

I already talked about this, you’re just repeating the same point with different words.

If you’re gonna do that, just do me a favor and stop replying.

I mean you’re just repeating the same things, based on your own bias, so I went further into the explanation as to why CoH / SD are bad.

If you want to keep thinking that they’re a good addition to the spec, by any means, play them, just be suboptimal. Just saying there’s a reason the vast majority of the community hates those talents, and it’s not because we’re biased or something.

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Just because you say a point is debunked doesn’t actually make it debunked lol but 4/10 troll attempt nonetheless

There is no troll, you guys just don’t know wtf you are talking about.

And this isn’t an opinion, there is hard data supporting this.

Your arguments don’t make sense regardless because you can take it and apply it for basically anything you want. You’re just cherry picking those examples because YOU don’t personally like them.

The set actually isn’t that crazy tbh, it’s mainly the class changes that broke dh (inertia/immo aura refund).

Broke or made it actually enjoyable to play?

It seems you guys forgot that DH was an amalgamation of garbage back in S1/S2 with Fel Rush spam in IP/Momentum and SD/CoH.