Having "missed out" is ruining the game for me

Half this thread is really salty and protective about their pixels. I love the participation trophy comments and other comments about earning stuff, when the OP makes the suggestion of earning those examples by brining the content to current standards and difficulty.

No ones trying to take stuff away. It’s probably another mount or title you’ve forgot you had regardless.

It’d be pretty awesome if they scaled old content to a heroic or mythic level, and had it 1-2 times per season or xpac to kill the monotony that comes with playing a single xpac. I mean by todays standards everything before “insert current xpac” had nothing difficult past normal difficultly so rewards can’t be that pretegious.

I think doing a full MoP M+ season and rewarding the weapon sets again along with a mount would be a great idea. M+ has the territory to bring old content back to life, with old rewards.


Whining about 10 year old quests being removed from a 20 year old game is insane.

Considering how many quests / zones have been changed and / or removed entirely… considering how many times new xpacs bring misalignments to lore…

Then what you’re left with as an argument is that blizzard has not retained virtually EVERY quest EVER MADE? That’s an insane battle - especially for a “veteran player”.

I’d wager you don’t even have the lore master title.

If you somehow do have the lore master achievement and you still haven’t had enough questing to satisfy your thirst for role playing, then I think maybe a break from wow would benefit you tbh.

There’s PLENTY of quests to be completed and story to experience outside the legendary cloak line in pandaria.

And for the record, I have a handful of past exclusive drops, and I couldn’t care less if blizz made them public. (Also missed my fair share of drops I would have farmed had I been playing - no sweat, it’s a game ffs)

I’m just annoyed that this is such a big issue to people for some reason that it’s constantly flooding forums. It’s a spoiled perspective and not a good attitude to spread.

Not a single person who you’d actually want to interact with will care about what title or mount you’re using.

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This complaint is so old, its a wonder it doesn’t have a grey beard.

People complained that the Mage Tower wasn’t available. Blizzard put it back. People then complained about difficulty, or that one of the rewards wasn’t the same as the reward they wanted. If Blizzard ever did attempt to return achievements or rewards or titles that no longer exist, they would have to do some serious work to make the newer version as difficult as the earlier version, and I’m not even sure that’s possible now, given how different the game, the internet conectivity, the computer qualities, etc are now.

Fact is, things happen and we miss out. It occurs everywhere in life and we either moan about it constantly or we move on.

Just…move on and try to enjoy yourself for what you can do now.

Yes and that’s bad. There is a solution in for the vanilla game already, classic wow exists however so that’s a hurdle that’s already been solved. Quests being removed entirely is not a good thing.

??? you already conceded the game is 20 years old. this argument makes no sense after that framing there quite literally is all the in the world to get loremaster lol.

Yes and quite frankly the legendary cloak line removal ruins the questing for the area once you hit max level content. You’ll run into quite a few holes. It’s reasonable to want story quests to be retained in the game and I’m tired of pretending it’s not.

Again I don’t care about exclusive drops, hell even add the questline without the cloak itself if you really want. Just make it playable, the argument I’m talking about isn’t even about drops. It’s about ruining story in expansions for the sake of drops that most people don’t give a damn about. The WoD ring is even more egregious because pretty much all the moving parts outside of the .0 patch are in that questline and the thing they removed it for was a ring.

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Ahh, the what I’ve come to call the classic debate between new and veteran players…allow new players to complete old challenges for rewards or not.

Currently, although there is ALOT you can still earn and grind for from past expansions, there are some cool stuff that Blizzard deemed limited time. On paper that is fine, but in practice, it sucks to hit a wall just bc you weren’t playing wow at a certain time. Has nothing to do with laziness or wanting things handed to them—I think most new players would be happy to jump through whatever hoops…they just don’t even have the option. That is what causes the distress.

Veterans who want to keep this stuff locked away…honestly, that is a pretty pathetic way of making yourself feel special. Yes, let’s gate keep stuff from someone bc they were weren’t around to play it at same time as you. Yes, that took real effort. It’s laughable.

The real reason some of this stuff is limited is probably a mixture of at the time fomo (think titles that go away after expansion is over)/arbitrary/devs want to focus on new content and not maintain old challenges. These are explanations but doesn’t mean they are good ones.


The removal of content does feel pretty bad more often than it needs to. This is especially painful when the introduction of an “expansion,” things that are meant to add content, also remove content.

Turkeycat has a CC thread going with various different forms of removed content. It may be worth checking out their list and see if any suggestions should be made. I’m not sure if this was already posted, but I’ll link it again in case it wasn’t:

I will offer one (if you’re reading this feathery feline): The Brutosaur. As a part of its “removing from the vendor” announcement, it was also stated that the Bruto would remain obtainable in the BMAH. That hasn’t been the case for two years now and I am hoping we can get some visibility on this, whether it’s in your thread or perhaps a separate one. https://www.wowhead.com/item=163042/reins-of-the-mighty-caravan-brutosaur#comments has additional comments from others in the community about this as well. This shouldn’t be controversial since we were told by Blizzard it would be a part of the regular BMAH, but it was stealth removed two years ago.


If you’re that unhappy, leave. Stop coming back every patch and giving them money if you don’t like how they operate.

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Well… you kinda have to start tanking before you can earn that. It’s a rather difficult challenge. Youre not gonna just swap over to guardian having never played it before and breeze through the challenge. It was hard for me even as a fairly expierenced guardian player. :s

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Then nothing matters at all if anything challenging can just be bought with currency later

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Not sure why any of this matters to you. It’s pointless fluff so why worry

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which takes non-negligible amounts of time and money that we would rather see spent on new content, not catering to the “i want it all and i want it now” crowd. that’s all.


They don’t. It’s just not feasible without devoting resources to rebalance it every single time a patch comes out and changes the landscape of how classes/specs operate.

Mage Tower had to have devoted effort and is still considered easier than the Legion version. Despite those updates, it had to be brought down to be updated for Dragonflight and will likely need updating again for next expansion.

If we’re going to do that with all content, every expansion is going to add to the bloat of features that need updates and upkeep until it reaches a point where it’s untenable.

So the people who earned the special item is the one that wants to feel special because they completed the content during the time frame when it was difficult. So now becuase its easy you think you deserve the same item with zero skill involved lmao. Whos the one that wants to feel special?


i like how your halo makes the avatar background pink and purple :open_mouth:


Honestly the best way I’ve seen them handle FOMO is the Warlock green fire quest.

You only get “% of the Black Harvest” if you did it when it was difficult BUT the quest itself is still in the game and warlocks can still go on that quest in its entirety to make their fire green.

Removing entire quest chains and actual, playable content as they usually do is very strange.

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I have things that have been removed and still think it’s a bad idea to remove stuff. Going back to old content and redoing it to get things is part of the appeal of a game like WoW


so people can complain about how the solo scenarios are too hard, and complain about how they shouldn’t be “forced” to do pvp?

nah… it’s in the past.

leave it there.

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Where did i say that it would be trivial to get the tokens?

Instead of getting the reward when you complete m+/aotc/gladiator, you instead get a token related to that content that lets you select rewards related to it.

Exact same system like now only that the rewards aren’t lost to nothing when the season ends. You just gotta try again next season.

Trading post seems to be pouring on the FOMO. Having missed out is going to be increasing soon - just in case you wanted more of that feeling.

I’ve never really understood this mentality. I remember a lot of games used to have preorder bonuses and perks, frequently cosmetics, that were unattainable any other way. I would make the judgement call if they were worth the preorder or collectors edition and if they weren’t then I didn’t buy them and didn’t get them.

There are a lot of things in this game that I cannot get because I took a 7ish year break. I’m not taking it as a personal offence though nor does it mean I can’t enjoy the game. I kinda just shrug and keep going for what I can get that I like.