Having "missed out" is ruining the game for me

Ok what one is it? You have not been here since the end of Cata or…?

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This isn’t really true. You can see people’s mounts, mogs, pets, etc. Then look up how to get them and find out that they can’t be gotten anymore.

I do think they are trying to do away with some of that at least though. By giving away previous promotional things.

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seems like people need to wait for classic to get up to the expansion which has the stuff they want.
what’s the point in making retail go backwards?

account shows a bunch of activity in 2018.
you should be very well aware by now, that people here like to tell porkies :stuck_out_tongue:


Stuff like “Faceless One” or Torghast or the MoP challenge mode achieves should get the mage tower treatment. Just scale down to a set item level and keep it the same difficulty forever. Deleting good content is just silly.


Whatever you do, because you have chronic FOMO, never start playing gacha games. Now that would dive you nuts.

What you won’t see the “don’t bring it back” crowd do is refute the fact about the Achv system. Or the other arguments that destroy their claims. They just want to bury their head in the sand, hold onto their toys, and cling to their wrong points of view.

We’ve already seen the return of some EXCEPTIONALLY rare items in the last 6 months (TCG items, the old D3 promo horse, etc) and did people QUIT?

ROFL OF COURSE NOT!!! This is the most absurd claim thrown around in this argument. No one is QUITTING because their xmog is chosen by 3 more people. lol

1> If you REALLY have to prove “you’re special” and/or “you were THERE!”, the Achv system already does that.

2> If you REALLY have to “show off” that you got that thing X number of years ago, that thing that no one else can have anymore … then be definition you’re not using/never going to use anything current. You’re encouraging stagnation in the game. Lack of design. Lack of creativity. Lack of CONTENT. Why make new? You already have the thing you’ll wear forever… because you’re justSOSPECIAL!!!

And as I always say: it’s ok to have goals, reach those goals, and have a time to show off what you did! This is a GOOD thing!

But after 5 years?? Move on. If that 5 year old thing is something that a new player really wants to enjoy, let them. If you can’t find something NEW to chase, to set a NEW goal, and keep striving for better things… then the game has FAILED. You or the Developers are being given a reason to just DO NOTHING. And that’s not good for the game.

After 5 years, bring it all back. Don’t just throw it on the BMAH. But do something to get it back in the game in a meaningful manner.


The concept of not being around, or not putting in the effort if you were, for something seems so foreign to people these days.

Some things are never coming back no matter how hard you kick or scream, demand or feel entitled to them. :dracthyr_shrug:

Philosophically they try to find ways to bring back unavailable cosmetics that cycled out and can’t be obtained anymore. Cosmetic options are cool, and there’s a short-short list of things that were setup to be permanently exclusive accomplishments - original Challenge Mode weapons and armor have deliberately been kept exclusive.


But those two things specifically, had different gear/abilities we no longer have. Scaling Torghast down w/o all the anima powers and our SL legendaries, is not the same experience. It will either be stupid easy or incredibly hard (probably the latter) if Blizzard were to scale it down to try and mimic the gear/abilities of the time.

On second thought, I’m sure anima powers are still there. Assuming SL leggos still work in SL, this could be a thing. But then you have to think about all the players who didn’t play SL and would need legendaries, and how difficult it would be to acquire them and have the crafting done, etc.

Now for HVs – unless they re-enable corruptions and their consequences, you can’t just scale down the instances. A large part of the “difficulty” of soloing 5-mask HVs were the corruption effects you had to deal with. Now that corruptions are disabled, a huge part of the difficulty of that is gone forever, and with it goes the “shiny” of that title.

Figures. I hate when people straight up lie like that.

Lol, this is literally a problem that Blizzard created.

Imagine you get this season’s M+ mount, you’re enjoying it so much, that you make it your permanent mount.

But then, Brocknor comes along, in all his furious orc rage (he even uses caps a lot), tells you that what you’re doing is wrong and is creating stagnation.

No, you MUST engage and USE the bloated amount of NEW mounts continually being produced, forever and ever and ever and ever.

New only!

No old special stuff is allowed, and it must be torn away! How dare you have something special! /tableflip

And by your own admission, having that point is view is WRONG lol.

It’s a game, my man. Let people have their special pixels, it’s something they are proud of and you’re trying to take it away, for reasons? Just so you can have it?

“I don’t want them to be proud” is the takeaway I’m getting here.


Exactly, disabling corruption gear inside BFA instances was a mistake. I don’t see the value in spending all of that time to develop a good solo experience to just delete it the next expansion.

Covenants are enabled in SL and disabled everywhere else.

Tier gear works everywhere but inside Mage Tower instances.

Proof of concept is already in the game.

You don’t think new players would complain it’ll “take them months” to gain all the corruptions and level their cloaks for the benefits, and max out the ability tree for the buffs, to collect coalescing visions + corrupted mementos + echoes of nyalotha and get all their HoA essences and level up their necks etc, before even attempting 5-mask HVs?

Or you just want devs to scale it down to faceroll status and let everyone get the title? I don’t think the title would be as meaningful if this happened, even for those new players who feel they missed out now.

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That isn’t what I said.

What I said was, you shouldn’t make it so other people can’t have access to the old stuff.

You’re just arguing semantics and being pedantic. Which is all I expect from the “yoU cnat HaVE My toYS!!!111” crowd.

And I notice you didn’t refute the Achv System, either. Which is the real arbiter in this discussion. And it’s why no one every tries to refute it. Because you can’t.


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You can’t wear an achievement.

Let’s be real- does anyone actually look at those anyway?

A Mage Tower weapon =/= An achievement

I just think it’s funny to see how salty someone can get over limited-time video game cosmetics.


Out of friendly curiosity, what is the unobtainable item you are seeking?

Since you think the achievement should be good enough, how about you go get the achievement and people get to keep their exclusive items.


A compromise of sorts: you can have the unobtainable items, titles, whatever as long as the effort required is as it used to be. It can’t be bought with tokens or gold.
Unfortunately this would require a lot of tuning work in some cases to scale whatever the content is to current level.

No more so than anyone CARES if “you were there.”

“Cool mog”. That’s all that happens.

NO ONE CARES! If you’re OG, or just bought it off the BMAH. All they see is the item, say “cool!” and move on.

The inability to let people collect old items because you think “YOU’RE SPECIAL” is beneath reproach.

And you might take a moment to notice: I have all this stuff. I’m not saying this because I’m jealous, or sour grapes, etc.

Pets, mounts, toys, Achv, xmog… I’m in 90th percentile for ALL of these things.

After 5 years, bring it all back.

I mean… when an item is CURRENT… let’s say 100 people use that item.

You realize after 5 years, probably only 10 people still use it?? By letting others have access to it, maybe now 20 people would use it.

How is that worse than when you first got it??

Selfish stupidity. That’s all I ever hear from that side of the discussion.

If you REALLY have to prove “you were there” the Achv system does that. Doesn’t matter if you can wear it or not-- it’s “attached” to your chr.


You care a lot, lmao.

The whole thing reeks of jealousy.

There’s still stuff out there you can earn that others won’t ever have, if you want to get those? But you are hard-locked on the old stuff lol.