Having an issue with a Classic Macro

So, I finally decided to fiddle around with macro’s to try and make just a fun one, it currently goes…

“Sic 'em!”

The problem I’m running into: the talking animation from the Sic 'em! portion it overwriting the animations for /point almost 98% of the time for some reason, and I can’t think of any other way to try and point and speak to make it more look like I’m telling my pet who to attack, if that makes sense?

Any suggestions?

I don’t think what you want can be done in a macro. You can’t put a delay between commands. Since there are animations associated with both the /point and /say, your macro will perform as you have observed interrupting the /point animation with the /say animation. This problem is similar to why you can’t cast two ‘spells’ in one macro. It’s too bad because what you want to do is kind of neat.

Yeah, and it’s a shame that emote animations don’t take priority over /say or /yell talking animations

Not a classic player but you might be able to do something like this using /e

/stopmacro [@target,harm,nodead]
/e points at %t.  Sic 'em!

problem is that it won’t do the point at animation there which lifts the left hand to point at your target, thank you though for the suggestion!