Having a ton of fun... Are you?

Hey All,

I just wanted to say hello to the Blaumeuxians who surf the forums and remind everyone to have fun.

Since the release of Classic, I’ve had a great time playing WoW again. Everything seems very refined, or, mostly at its original nostalgic state.

Raids are smooth. Content is fun. Farming still sucks u less you’re a Mage. Levelling is still a struggling grind that helps you learn all angles of your character and class.

It’s just, fun.

10/10 MC
1/1 Onyxia
8/8 BWL

Bring on what’s next! I just hope they do it in a timely fashion and not too early. Looks like March and April will usher in new content. This gives us all a few good weeks to get ourselves in order, rework our guild rosters, and really prepare to push the envelope as time goes on.

I hope you all are having a great time as well.

Feel free to comment below and start a discussion!

I just started playing classic. So far I’m absolutely loving it! It really brings back memories of when I started playing WoW a few months after its release. So much seems familiar sorta and then there is a huge gap in my memory of things I had completely forgotten about the early WoW game. lol

I chose Blaumeux because I know someone who plays on this server IRL although I haven’t seen them in game yet. I do find the general chat eerily quiet. I suppose everyone is on a discord server maybe.

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