Have you sold your alarm 0 dog yet?

(Welshcorgi) #1

just wondering. checked on a couple realms and they’re going around 300k+ :thinking::thinking::thinking:

i forgot the dungeon even existed so i have to wait a couple weeks for my third token.

(Cowpow) #2

I would be shocked if anyone paid that, or any other amount for that matter, for a pet that you are guaranteed to get simply by running a pet dungeon three times.


Ive hit a brick wall selling pets, list the same pets over and over, and no one buys em, lucky to sell one a week. only reason I ever pet sell now, is on cross server, for deals on expensive pets that are on my server. herbing pays far better, and I know an herb will drop, after I pick it, unlike ToT/SoO mobs, where its a 1 in 1.000,000,000,000 chance.

I did see a guy listing it for 300k, but like all other pets, it wont sell at that price, and will drop extremely fast, as soon as someone else list one as well.


I’ve sold one about 2 weeks ago for 375k on a Full pop server where it was the only one listed.

They can sell and there’s always people with more gold than time but 300k+ seems a bit step now as more people get them and it becomes a little less rare. 200k-250k seems very possible if you have the only one on your server. You may need to advertise in trade a little, ignore the trolls, but there are people who want these.

If you want to check out servers without any check The Undermine Journal and scroll down to the " Current Regional Prices" graph, it shows the current prices and quantities on all servers in the region.

(Vertigineux) #5

I’m not very fluent with the website, so I do have a question-

Does Undermine show what they successfully sell for, or just what they were listed for? Listed prices and selling prices aren’t always the same. (Obviously players will aim to buy at the lowest available price, but in cases like some loser on Thrall who lists anything and everything at max gold prices, he might be the only one listing the thing but that doesn’t make the thing worth 10mil. Does that make sense?)

Sorry, and thank you in advance =)


That website uses the Blizzard Auction House API so it’s just snapshots updated hourly of what’s posted on the AH not actual sales. Sadly Blizzard doesn’t give any real sale info.

For pets I always look at region averages they’re very stable with so many servers and so many listings so it’s a good ballpark to start from when valuing them if there aren’t too many on your own server.

(Maizou) #7

Sell… my… pet…

Listen here missy.

We don’t use those words around these parts.

(Vertigineux) #8

Ah, yeah that makes sense. I was curious because I have some pets I’d like to try to sell on another server, so I’ll go over the prices on the site and hopefully, even if just 1 or 2 sell, I’ll be in good shape. I’ve never been confident enough to try it (and too intimidated to look at the site), but a quick once over is forcing that intimidation back.

(Vespero) #9

I have no plans to do Gnomeregan more than 7 times…