Have you guys heard Double Tap is getting removed?

This needs to be seen by everyone, hope the devs can see the mistake theyre doing


Agreed. I have no idea why they are doing that. It is going to really hurt MM in PvP as well. And replacing it with a 10% CD reduction? HAHAHA… barely compensate.


can u link those notes?

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If they just don’t want us to play MM just delete the spec.


Seems to me unfortunately they want marksman hunters to play beast master.


What sort of smart individual came up with this brilliant idea??? Which one of them thought it was a good idea to take out Double Tap? So many other things they could do but no…If you don’t want us to play MM just delete the damn spec =0

A little over dramatic


I’ll preface my comment with, “I haven’t read every patch note in-depth for every other class”, but this is just gross. MM in Arena is all I’ve ever wanted and it hasn’t been the same since MoP. Do I think we need petstun/ insta-wyvern / no scattertrap dr? No, it was broken then just like every class was but… c’mon. Blizzard show us the bigger picture.

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Seriously. Y’all go touch some grass for real lol

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Not even a Hunter and I think this is excessive y taking double tap out of the game. If it’s such a big deal in PVP increase the cool down, reduce damage or something but don’t remove it from PVE where it’s needed.

I’m ok with being removed but give us something maybe black arrow back idk something useful

Yeah i cant imagine how blizz decided to nerf double tap with mm hunters one shotting people 40% of the games on the opener from stealth.

Unpopular opinion but i dont feel sorry for it. Every hunter hates getting one shotted but expects to be able to do it.

The problem isnt that double tap one shots being removed…it makes the game better. The real problem is blizz is doing that but not taking the one shot ability from other classes. These one shot potentials are why healers are quitting in droves. Its why solo shuffle and rated arena are a barren wasteland without healer representation.

Burst is one thing but one shots are a total different story. You push 3 buttons then rip someone from 100% thats a problem for any class.

Now they need to take the hunt out. And lower damage from other problem classes

Please no, BM is so boring.

Imagine if pyro was hitting too hard so they removed combustion.