Have you ever reported another player before? Why?


When is it going to compute that you can just turn warmode off and avoid that problem for a while?


So warmode is a license to be a prick?


what do you think the p in pvp stands for?


player Verses player it does not mean prick vs victim.

(Hellasha) #29

Yes I’ve reported people who have broken the rules.

What you described though wasn’t breaking the rules. That was war happening in war mode.


Well ya, cause that’d be PvV which doesn’t exist. Have you done war mode? There’s a ton of 120s running around who don’t even want to fight half the time and you can follow and mercilessly slay them. You can flag outside of warmode and gank accidentally flagged PvErs. Does the level suddenly matter? I personally don’t see it sporting to even kill 120s who just stand there waiting to die or constantly keep trying to run away, much less little baby toons, but that’s just how PvP goes.


Alright tell me this.

So you think it is cool for your 120 to gank someone to the point they want to perma quit the game cause some prick think it is funny to pick on someone 100 lower then them?

(Hellasha) #32

If that’s all it takes for them to quit then yes. I’m fine with them leaving, they have the option to turn warmode off.

Getting ganked sucks sure, but everyone is warned that being killed by another player at anytime is one of the risks for enabling warmode/going pvp. So if getting ganked affects someone so emotionally that they decide to quit then so be it.


I report randoms throwing the F word around, but thats about it.


Yes. Because players are anonymous, more often than not, they behave in ways they would never behave if people actually knew who they were in real life.

(Selesnya) #35

In game? Barely, unless they continually bother me I tend to tune them out as socially speaking things are just so flash in the pan. I typically hit it off with those who make a lasting impression and add their tag.

Here on the forums however? Fairly often unfortunately as people tend to stick and live off drama so I report them when necessary, which is far to often for my taste, as I won’t stand for bullies.

The OP isn’t really a reason to report anyone though. Vile, sure, but even being a bottomfeeder is within the parameters of kosher WPVP.

(Yayayayayaya) #36

Have you ever had to contest it?

(Noobàdin) #37

I’ve reported numerous players over the years that I’ve been playing. Some for their names, others for their language and some for botting or hacking. That’s pretty much it. I can’t recall reporting someone over world pvp tho.

(Conorn) #38

Offensive Language. Doesn’t matter who it’s at.


I have.

And most likely will do again. I am an extremist when it comes to weed out the toxicity.

Harrasment / Insults over the board / character names being flat out disgusting filthy

(Vursula) #40

The numerous times you have reported trolling as well.


Geeze Corpse Camping has been around since Vanilla. Over the years I have reported ppl for using Filthy language.

(Poju) #42

Only ever reported once; a guy posing as an admin trying to steal account information.

Before you report, make sure what you’re reporting is against the terms of service. I know it’s not fun to read all that legalese, but it’s important.

(Arwenna) #43

Yup. I reported some “edgy” blood elf priest on my realm for promotion of animal cruelty, and trolling related to his comment on how to fix the problem of homelessness. I won’t go in to what he said but the guy is a human waste product.

(Summerayné) #44

I never report anyone unless it’s something major, aside from the obvious gold sellers, etc.

I have played this game since February 2006 and have only reported two people. The first one was back in Vanilla. A guy in my guild apparently got really upset when he asked in guild chat if I wanted to run a dungeon when I was afk. He thought I was ignoring him. He quit the guild because of it. I thought ok, extreme, but whatever. Later, he started whispering, harassing me and some other guild members. We would put him on ignore but he would continue to make new level 1 characters to keep harassing us. We kept ignoring, he kept making new characters. It actually got quite bad so me and some guild members sent a ticket reporting his harassment. To this day, if it’s a smaller guild I let people know I’m going afk to avoid such drama.

The second was really nonsense now that I think about it lol. Happened in Vanilla also. I was questing in Tanaris and and a level 60 mage was aoe farming all the mobs I needed for my quest. After a while I got frustrated and asked the person if they would not take all the mobs and leave a small area at least so I could complete my quest. They responded with a very rude response and that didn’t sit well with me, so we got into it. Actually, that person reported me, the one and only time I have been reported in the game. I just got a warning because I’m assuming the GM reviewed the chat and saw what the other player was saying as well.