Have you benefited from having two roles?


So I’m currently considering mage or hunter for my main come DF. My eye is kind of leaning more hunter right now though cause I like that they can fulfill two roles: range and melee.

So my question is: have you at all noticed the benefit of (technically) being able to fulfill two roles? And do you make use of it?

This topic came to me from thoughts of some examples where some groups (mainly pvp) will have comments like the group being to melee heavy or range heavy. Well hunter in that example have another option at its disposal compared to a mage.

Side note: PvE wise, I also like that hunters can save a wipe with off-tanking with a pet. hmmmmm

You gotta say what content im assuming you mean RBGS. Historically hunters in RBGS are only good as flag defenders because they can use there there pets to stop caps once they are CC’d and generally BM is pretty good at 1v1s and flare is good at stopping the opening.

Unless they change hunter i dont see hunter being considered a good range DPS in comparison to ele\warlock etc. It has never ever been a good RBG DPS slot it doesnt really bring anything to a team fight so its normally just flag defense and flag defense 1v1s and surviving\spinning the flag waiting for somebody to come to help.

However if you just do random BGS for fun non ranked a geared MM hunter can destroy and win matches however since gear doesnt matter next expac in bgs i dont know if this will continue to be true.

i did lol. i said “mainly pvp” because i feel like what i was referring too mainly occurs when putting together a RBG team. Though i don’t doubt it being touched on when looking over a mythic group or Raid team.

For RBGS balance druids (AOE and Solarbeam,Spinning flag), Death knights (death grip), Warriors for Anti heal and single target dps, Warlocks (destro for burst\afflic for damage).

Mages are sometimes strong but it depends on how much damage they do with free casting, if free casting damage is low for mages they are normally trash in RBGS, Hunters are normally safe but you will be a flag defender and your role will be to defend the flag which can be boring. I think hunters most likely are safer out of your 2 mage\hunter options.

a hunter can only fulfill 1 role. DPS…

call em sub-roles if you want then but regardless.

As per the op, i’m talking about the roles of melee dps and range dps which hunter can both supply…

Melee is, in my experience, a much more enjoyable experience in Arena. But Arena only.
Every other form of content, I want to be ranged.
I’m a ranged person. I essentially have 2 specs. SV is a dead spec, personally. In fact, I haven’t even looked at the SV talent tree on beta. I couldn’t tell you what the current tier set is.

It hasn’t happened yet. Although SV is really good this tier.
But eventually we will get a tier where if you’re not SV, you’re just handicapping yourself. And that tier will feel terrible.

MDPS and RDPS are different roles though.
Open up the ground finder and you’ll see people asking specifically for ranged or melee.
In boss fights, they often have different mechanics.

Yeah I understand this! I’ve come to learn I do NOT care for melee in raid for instance but I’m fine with them everywhere else.

Exactly my point, haha.

Surv is really good in arena and hunters best spec for pvp. You just have to understand that even melee surv isnt a super mongo melee like warr or dk. Pug rbg groups may ask you to base sit if youre the only hunter. However if youre good and preform well youll get plenty of action. In raids play whatever you want if youre pugging.