Have transfers been harmful to classic?

I have no idea why you think players would be capable of self-regulating, we’re not all coordinating with each other. We’re all in it for ourselves, that’s why when overpopulated servers get free xfers the vast majority don’t want to leave to a low pop realm that people just kind of sort of hope gets a decent population because they hope other people will fix the problem for them and if they see a high populated realm they’re willing to xfer there and abandon their dead realm which makes it even more dead.

Not only that but $25 to fix your playing issues is not the end of the world for most people, especially those already forking over $15 a month.


Exactly what you are saying. +1

Actually I do know, I was watching it happen, right in front of me. I’m talking about paid transfers. They should not be allowed to high/full servers.

I also wasn’t telling you not to roll on my server, I was saying if you or anyone else wants to play on a high pop balanced server, they should be forced to roll from level 1. These are not retail realms, they have a concurrent player cap, player population has meaning.

Well you will understand I rather trust Blizzard because they should have factual data tho as I said, I acknowledge what happened to Incendius.
Also I might agree with you, but since I have my main and several alts on my destination server I am a little mad about freshs being able to create new Chars but me not being able to transfer.

Edit: Inb4 Hiawanda

Not having enough realms at launch imbalanced servers.
Free transfers then destroyed them.

That “mad” makes sense. The current rule is designed for tens of thousands of players. And it’s very simple. So naturally the rule is a “bad fit” for some situations – like yours.

I understand the reason – if their goal is reducing the total player-hours on server X, then they don’t allow high-level characters to transfer to X. Any character transferred there will be played there (often for hours, like a raid).

Brand new characters are not a similar issue (so far – that could change), so that isn’t locked.

There’s probably a better rule – a better way to deal with this problem.

Big no no. As I said, my current main and all my other alts are on the destination server. Plus friends and my brother. And thats how it is for many others, because they are heavily socially connected. At the end of the day WoW Classic lives through its community.

So why should I play the alt I am planning to transfer?

Also if you level up a toon, you usually do it with friends/family. Two people grinding up all the way to 60. And you dont expect them to take up much “online time”? Big no no.

Could have been good if the server tranfers had certain factions locked to prevent too many of a certain faction from escaping or joining a certain server to preserve the balance.

Blizzard never seem to look far into the future at all, and only chase the dollar of right now instead of long term stability.


That’s because they are beholden to their shareholders. Investors don’t care about the health of the game, they just care about their profits. So it’s no surprise that Activision makes decisions that please their shareholders in the short term, even if it means a crappier product in the long run.

If they really care about making a profit, they would invest long term for better overall numbers. But I guess ya gotta appease those day traders.