Have they removed WM bonus from dailies?

Time generally, do almost all the daily hearth to Stormwind turn WM ON fly back out is not worth it to most people.

Thank you so much for telling us, but please, if possible, can we get a bit more communication when stuff like this is happening? Perhaps sooner as well?

Just remove Warmode bonuses entirely. Warmode is terrible to begin with, trying to entice PvE players into it makes it substantially worse. If you have a need to be handing out bonuses, especially overwhelming odds ones, then you screwed something fundamental up on your end and should be fixing it, not hiding behind blanket lazy bonuses.

I love War Mode and that it compensates time spent slaying filthy Horde scum. Looking forward to the return of the War Mode bonus!

Wow just trash… You cant seem to get ANYTHING right these days… Guess Activtrash has its teeth in Blizz. GG

I know upwards of 800 people who could told Blizzard about issues like this beforehand.

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Will this thread be updated when it’s fixed?

With a fix this morning, we believe that the War Mode bonus is now being granted.

Unfortunately, the UI still doesn’t reflect that properly. We’re working on it and hope to have the UI displaying the bonus soon.

Great, now fix the broken visions for the cloak upgrades. Tired of getting screwed over in those things because of bugs.

I’d like to confirm that being told about it days later is annoying and stupid.

They continuously neglect to communicate with us until a significant amount of time has passed and sometimes not even in the right channels.

Press F to pay respect to the fallen 800…