Have they increased layers or have people quit?

Layers need to be reduced drastically in world zones. On crusader strike, it feels like playing on a dead realm pop wise because its only 20% of players i seen during the first 4 days of launch. I understand players got to 40 and now raid logging, but i also know theres like 60 bajillion layers. So please reduce them to make the world feel as lively as it did at the start. They dont feel dynamic at all. SM has barely anyone outside the doors now. STV event i dont even know whats going on, where did everyone go its a ghost town.

Anyone else feel this?

I think i saw a post recently saying they increased layers. Its also 4am server.

It’s 4 am bro normal people are asleeep LOL.

Link post?

They increased layers so people could quest and play in the open world without dealing with the insane competition. And also it’s almost 2 weeks after the phase has dropped. A lot of people have already done gnomer and quit if their goal was to only see the new content once.

I said I think. I didnt say I was 100% sure. Go looking for blue posts.

Im not even on at the moment. This is in regards to last night which should be peak time when people get off work on a friday going into a weekend.


They need to revert it if this is true. The whole cant quest is bs. The respawns are so quick it is impossible not to complete. And most of the players just dungeon grind anyways because they dont wanna walk. Id quest more if it werent such a dead realm feel.

Maybe have less layers on realms like crusader strike where people are intentially chasing that pop high.

I disagree. I’ve just started my warlock 25-40 and I’ve been enjoying going into a quest area and actually clearing out monsters to get to my objective instead of just running past the horde of people and then standing there spamming “INV” so I can get shared credit.

I feel for ya that you intentionally rolled on the mega server for high pop. But LFG and Trade are crosslayer chats so you can still find groups and activities such as pvp that way.

Not the same, i need to see players in open world to make the game feel playable. This is a mmo not a single player game

Nah dude, the first 2 weeks at least need hecka layers so people can quest.

They can tone it down to like 5 layers later.

I don’t want to see a single player outside of the cities ever unless they allow for shared tags