Have the stress test invites been sent out yet?

As someone who has spend around 500$ just on server transfers and race changes i’d hoped blizzard would treat me well by giving me an invite between the character services mounts wow tokens and gametime I have literally spent thousands on this game.


Any idea if the people who are invited to the stress test can join in on the beta once it’s over?

No they will not.

Well that’s unfortunate

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Just $500? That’s cute :smiley:


The invites will be sent out tomorrow so you can download before its open on Wednesday.


unlikely, unless you played in 2004

Thanks for that. I am hopeful, but with my luck I’ll be watching someones stream. lol

Blizzard doesn’t care how much money or time you’ve spent playing the game.

Stop being entitled.

did you remeber to refer a friend?

Yes I have refered 3

This is true they don’t care about non streamers

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I guess you could count me buying enough wow tokens for a spectral tiger magic rooster feldrake and almost all the t3 sets arcanite ripper 3 tcg tabards and flag of ownership off the bmah lol thats a couple thousand dollars there


Lmao, I’ve spent almost 6k on this game and I didn’t even get into the STRESS TEST. Unless you’re a Streamer, one of their friends, or lucky; you’re not getting in. They don’t care how much $$$ you’ve spent, it’s peanuts to them.

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so they sent out the invites? I dont see anyone claiming that

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They said it wont show up till tomorrow if you get in

what you said, 6k? WoW , I have to know ,on what ?

I played in 2004. All I have is a pitchfork. Of course, I was not subbed when the first beta invite wave went out, which is super unfortunate.

Between the Sub, tokens, character services, store mounts/pets,and expansions/collectors editions… yeah. Maybe closer to 7.

oh so a lot of it was in tokens?