[H]<AVALANCHE>(8/10H) is LFM for aotc!

Hello friends! We are AVALANCHE. AVALANCHE is an AOTC focused guild that is all about Raiding, Community and Fun. We wish to do sufficiently challenging content while also allowing our players freedom to have fun and lives outside of the game. We try to support each other in our endeavours, give a home for everyone in the guild and allow them to express their own identity and strengths as people.

Going into shadowlands we have 3 goals in mind every raid tier

  1. Help each other achieve our goals
  2. Achieve Ahead of the Curve (AOTC) for each PVE raid tier
  3. Achieve Glory of the Raider for each PVE raid tier

Our Raids are 11:30pm Server time - 2:00 am server(this is 8:30 - 11:00pm pst) Tuesday and Thursday. We have 2 off raid nights where we do things like visions/torghast/mythic +/etc to help build up off roles and have fun.

Our recruitment needs specifically are the following:

  • mage
  • dps warrior
  • resto shaman
  • dps with heal or tank off specs

Feel free to contact on discord fynale#4827 or Bnet fynale#1653 , please do have logs ready (doesn’t have to be for that class/role or even current) if you have them!

still looking and still hoping

got no where to go gotta follow my bumps.

still looking for some mages and an enhance shammy!

still looking for some hero mages.

still on the hunt for some hunters and a enh shaman

Enough with the cranberry sauce. it’s time to hunt!

classic bump

tuesday vault bump

9/10n now going for denathrius and heroic soon!

double sure we’re looking for ppl

looking and a bump

Just another bump in a field we are starting heroic prog now!

Still looking for mages!!

Magical hunt is underway

Just a good old bump before reset

Looking for bumpa

looking for some off healz

just a simple bump

Recruitment is now back open