[H/A][US-West] 10/10H LFG

Heya there! Fairly new to the horde scene with a boomkin at 180ish ilvl, and also have an alliance warlock at 219ilvl. Looking for a guild to get into the more casual side of the mythic raiding scene, as well as mid-high end M+. I’m also rather new to PVP, but I’d love to dip my toes into the water at some point!

As of 3/16/2021, I have 10/10H Nathria and KSM, so I have experience in both, but I am new to Mythic raids.

I’m willing to level a new class if desired. I prefer caster DPS, but I have experience with tanking and healing in previous expansions if needed. I’m also willing to faction transfer either character as well depending on how things go!

Hi Tankvonh! I think we’d be a great fit. Take a look and let us know. Happy to chat more!