Haunted Memento stealth changed?

I don’t have the option to throw mine to someone anymore, anyone else have this issue?

I noticed it a while ago (start of phase 3?), but I thought it was a good thing. I was always worried I would accidentally throw mine at someone and lose it.

Darn! I farmed out ~100 of them to give out to guildies as a lil surprise for ICC prog :frowning:

Guess I’ll be trading them by hand now :weary:


blizzard always stealth change things without saying a word about it.
same goes for many nerfs in whole patch’s in 1x 2x 3x during 2005~2011 & if you go read the original patch note most likely you’ll find is “we adjusted things in raid xx” without saying details…this is why the whole concept of classic being released on last patch made things much different than original.

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can mail them too, though there is a mail limit.

Now that is a nice thing to do!!! That made me smile.

Same. :grinning:

100? I didn’t think you could have more than 1 on you at a time? :thinking:

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It was already nerfed to be the garbo retail one. Back in the day it used to always follow you and if it despawned it would respawn eventually and cause your character to to a cower emote.


I farmed about 10 or so and threw them onto friends with icc launch. Half of them didnt know what was following them because it was their 1st time playing wow and me and a few friends kept saying “i dont see it, what is following you?” Had a good laugh then told them what it was.

Some of them kept it, some of them sold it to help buy their epic flying.

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Exactky. Why would anyone want to throw them to another player? Why not jist hand them your gold.

I wish they had the option to become soulbound that way you could not accidently lose them. I have many but I did lose one by accident. I clicked on it and clicked on a random person, it threw it to them. Wasnt worried, I mailed a new one to the toon that lost it and some random person got a free one. Happened months ago.

It doesn’t act like the retail one though. And the retail nerf was absolutely necessary at the time.

I haven’t played retail in years. How exactly is it different? It doesn’t act like the original one it acts like the one from when they added cross realm zones and had to change it.

That’s less exciting! and gold doesn’t give you a lil ghosty following you around

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I know. My point is why throw it to someone at all? Those things are rare because most people didnt keep them from the event. A mistake i made in original wrath.

My thought is that eventually, classic will eventually either catch up to retail or stop sooner but you will be able to transfer your characters to retail. These already sell for a good price in classic, i assume they are even more rare in retail and can be sold for a lot of gold.

Unfortunately, wow lost its way and gold is worthless in retail. So i guess sell them now where gold still has some value.

Either way though, i think throwing them to another player, aka giving them to another player for free, is a waste of gold. Instead. Sell it on the AH and give the player the gold instead. Cuz thats all they are going to do with it.

Oh, you speak for his guildmates?

Novelty is a thing, you know.
I thought it was a nice idea.

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No. I speak for any person with at least half a brain. If his guildies are dumb enough to throw 100s of gold away, then no, I do not speak for stupid.

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