Hati's Coming back

(Inugami) #16

What!? Hunter Bias! My love gets fondled and mishandled by that dirty undead lady person! Everyone should have to suffer with the shadow priest!

(Felryn) #17

Oh. Acceptable then, I approve and congratulate Hunters for getting your pet back.

I just don’t wanna deal with 2 permanent pets at once again, it’s just unenjoyable.


(Landusk) #19

ha, SOund like you had hard time, Me and that dog went every where have best time in the world Kill any thing and every thing, I love that dog , Then agian that basic pet ai, Much like warlock pet AI

pssh won’t change fact dog still cool

(Ushi) #20

Yeaah it was a pretty tough time. Got kicked from many an instance because of Hati’s antics :l
Glad other people enjoyed her, but I never want to see that thing again. Lmao

(Sincubus) #21

for those curious its in the 8.1.5 ptr

(Shamantheman) #22

Maybe he went off to obedience camp?


Asmongold quit and Hati is coming back? Dude BFA is the best expansion ever!

(Necrofai) #24

thank you wolfsheart :grin:


Thanks. I only see things when they get put on MMOchampion.


I hated Hati.
The AI was horrible in Legion. I just used it because two pets seemed cool.
I tried MM hunter and love it…much more engaging than BM…so I’ll be using it from now on and with the ability to drop my pet and get that 10% extra DPS when running petless, theres no reason for me to play BM again or need Hati or a second pet again.

Long live MM.

(Landusk) #27

I am how you say Collector, I glad this dog is back not be fogoten like most thing blizz will forget about most stuff (K.T? who that) I glad they now put that dog in game then Let it rot in legion.

(Velane) #28

I…reading this thread it feels like people aren’t aware that Hati was essentially rolled into BM’s talents heading into BfA :no_mouth:

It’s pretty clear it’ll just essentially be the Hati skin, they’re not going back to two pets permanent since that’s…you know…a talent

(Anufenrir) #29

More or less. But I mean, it’s a unique wolf model that people liked so.

(Velane) #30

I think it’s great that they’re doing it

Not every hunter hated Hati, some actually grew attached to him and then just had him torn away in BfA

Nothin wrong with those peeps having the option to get him back imho

(Hafren) #31

And it’s really only fair-- on my mage I got really attached to Mr. Snark-on-a-Stick and being able to mog into Aluneth and keep him around was such a relief.

This is a really good thing. :smiley:

(Rosenivy) #32

OH suuuuuure hunters get their doggo back and meanwhile my cool talking skull Legendary is still silent


Well yeah I think most hunters are aware of this. I think people care more about Hati lorewise, and when it comes to have the Hati pet as a skin.

(Velane) #34

Umm, I pretty clearly referenced this thread specifically

You know, things like

I already have to crowdcontrol 1 stupid pet in PVP since that’s where all their damage comes from, I don’t want to worry about a second.

I’m not entirely sure what your point is, I’d be concerned if hunter mains were totally unaware of it

(Kypookins) #35

It is just the Hati “skin.”

My BM Hunter already has two pets, so already has “Hati.”

I never used the “Hati” skin when we had it, thought it was odd when Hunters did. I saw it as the default “Vanilla” thing, loving the option of being able to have any two pets instead.