Has Blizzards lack of policing turned classic into Pay to win?

why do you think gdkp runs are fueled by people who buy gold? there are streamers with 30k gold, people are just really proficient at farming. doesnt mean they are buying gol.

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I have like 3000 gold on a holy priest, and all I do is play the game. Its not hard to have loads of cash if you get some lucky drops at the right times.

You can go from 0 to 3k gold+ just by winning a roll on a pair of lvl 44 gloves.

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I’ll never understand why this community argues against the accusation of players buying gold. No one is saying that everyone buys gold, but people clearly do. There’s bots, websites and in-game advertisement that proves that gold buying is very much rampant and out of control.

These websites wouldn’t waste their time and money opening multiple accounts to farm gold if customers were not buying it.


Classic has always been pay to win. The only difference is you don’t pay with money. You pay with time.

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The sheer number of mages makes me think that it doesn’t matter for the AoE farming. I also know of several folks who put in 12+ hours of playing per day. Most of their time is spent farming and griefing those who “trespass” in their farming territory.

Wrong. Players who buy and sell gold are banned:

I always see posts like this claiming “It’s obvious that all GDPK runs are full of gold buyers/sellers”

Which I would just have to disagree. Even if it looks obvious to you, proof is still necessary.

I’ve tanked for several of these runs, and received 100-200g for my service, and the majority of players can be seen talking about how ‘they don’t have enough gold’ etc etc…

It may have been the bots/farmers who started this massive inflation, but tons of legit players have joined in. Making thousands of gold a day selling ZG and Maura runs.

My point is, nothing is obvious about a gold-buyer. It happens on a 3rd party website/platform that Blizzard has no control over. I 100% agree Blizzard needs to do a better job policing, but the generalizations on this forum are nuts.


If they put the token on the AH, it would kill gold sellers, alleviating botting issues, and basically providing all the regulation that the entire game needs. The server economies would be normalized, even if the gold amounts would be higher, because prices are so inflated over Vanilla to begin with due to the amount of gold that was bought that the modern wow classic economies are already a train wreck.

Furthermore, if they do allow continuation of your account into BC, they should examine flying mount costs, potentially doubling both based off the trainwreck of inflation that is the classic wow server economy even if they add the token.

I know of at least 5 people with over a million gold already.

Than never banned this one guy (I wont say which server). He has spent in game probably over 500k+ gold on GDKP runs, buying items for the war effort for huge gold amounts. Hell he just bought a ton of Essence of Air yesterday for his guild members enchantments at 50 gold a pop. This morning they were on the AH for 25g or less. Figure end of the week back to normal price of 12g.

So no they don’t ban all gold buyers. I also just looked to see what prices were for gold. $37 for 1000 gold. Who the hell would even pay that? One Chinese seller even had a picture of herself and name in the advertisement. These people just for 1 server claim to have 1 million gold up for sale. Check it out its wild.

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Problem is that increasing the Mount price only makes sense for people who take part in this blown up economy. There are multiple warriors in my guild without a mage who don’t farm, they play closer to Vanilla style game-play and for them getting a mount would be a near impossibility.

Was farming bugs solo yesterday in Silithus - watched a multiboxer claim an entire area with 15+ level 50-60 mages following his main. He was probably leveling all of those characters to sell them on the black market to make real money. All of the husks he farmed can be sold to make quite a bit of gold. He can multibox any dungeon or raid by himself and never have to play with anyone else to beat all of the content in a massively MULTIPLAYER online game.

Yes, Blizzard’s change in stance on issues such as power leveling, botting, multiboxing, etc. has completely changed the integrity of the game experience for solo players. It has objectively become far more pay to win now than it ever has been in the past. Many private servers have handled these issues far better than Blizzard is currently doing.


people care too much about others, and their remembrance of buying flight was a monumental achievement for them back in the day. for some reason folks think others should have to “struggle” to come up with 5k gold because that’s how it’s supposed to be.

there’s 1 problem, even if gold is wiped to 0, folks will have flight very quickly anyway, because the proven efficient methods of farming have been fleshed out and established by private servers.

i disagree - there were gold selling sites during vanilla - people bought gold back then too.

literal player demand in the meta zoomer 2020 gaming world is really why gold selling is so prevalent.

Doesn’t seem hard to ban. Maybe Blizz could hire me to do their security work for them

Have automated checks looking for mailing of large amounts of gold either from level 1-30 alts or from the same level 60 chars (if they use a max char) multiple times. Needing to use a different level 60 to send gold for every transaction would definitely slow down the business

Have automated checks looking for insanely stupid AH deals like an item worth 30s being put up for 1000g and bought by someone

That alone would catch like 90% of gold seller transactions

Smaller trades/deals could circumvent it but it would make the process more cumbersome which would decrease the frequency

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I didn’t state that it never existed.

So you disagree that it is worse now than it has ever been?

No, because bots and gold sellers have been in the game since
shortly after launch. The only thing that has made it worse
is the botters knowing exactly where to go at the start to
make their farming the most profitable. They didnt have
to search for the farming spots this time around.

You can’t deflate what’s in place without a full gold reset. Which may be a good option as well going into BC. Full hard cap at like 2k or something.

I meme:

Tokens would ruin the game.

Blizzard also auto sells tokens that don’t sell which inflates the economy 10 fold.

objectively no - the availability is the same for anyone to participate in “paying to win”

so it’s not worse. It’s the same as it has been - as it is for any game where gold selling is profitable.

people with cash and not time have always eluded to these methods - look at redguides for eq, player auctions website — what you are describing as getting “worse” has always been around in just about any online game i’ve ever played.

what’s worse is people assuming and judging folks with a large sum of gold “cheated” or bought it with IRL monies.

Blizzard actively endorses pay to win by allowing people to multibox. Gold buyers are really kind of meh compared to this tbh.

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