Has Blizzard Always Hated Night Elves?

That was unfortunately a retcon or lets say mhm change in recent history.

In fact Maiev has murdered highbornes in Cata still, she was holding up the old path that for some reason was overthrown by Tyrande.

Somebody tell the High Elves/Blood Elves that they’re just a retcon.

They retconned out the Wolfheart crap in Legion.

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In fact:
NEs were considering killing them all off after the civil war caused by the Well on the Hyjal. But they abstained from it to exile them and thus leaving them to die from starvation off theri addiction -> Withering away. Which is actually far worse.

Illidan however (The betrayer for a reason) bestowed them wth 2 vials of the wellof eternitys water. Which enabled them to create the sunwell. Else they would have just withered away.

Yeah, that’s the point I’m making. If the Night Elves operated some sort of fantastical police state like you suggested in your earlier posts, the Highborne would have never reached that state of open defiance; they would have simply disappeared.

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The police state was opend up AFTER that incident actually to prevent this from ever happening again.

Except the foundations for the Night Elf state post-Azshara had already been laid at that point. The Highborne weren’t exiled until close to 2500 years after the Sundering.

As a night elf roleplayer, you’re given three options.

A) Be sad.
B) Be mad.
C) Be a sociopath who doesn’t care about the mass death of their own race and continues as normal.

I axed my nelf DK and nelf mage by race-changing them so I could RP something other than ball of rage or a sad-sack.
Edit: Kept my nelf DH though because “ball of rage” is her default setting. Now it’s “ball of atomic rage”.


Can’t wait for the next tragedy for Night Elves in Shadowlands. I mean there are already some tragic moments, but I bet they’ll also include Tyrande dying to Sylvanas or something like that, dealing even less damage to her than Bolvar.

This was my Huntress… now she upgraded to Maiev.


Less than none is pretty hard. Sylvanas just went ghost-mode when he hurled the ice at her, but he figured she’d been pelted.

So far, only 3 people have wounded Sylvanas

  1. Arthas when he started this whole mess
  2. Sylvanas herself when she took a skip and a jump off of Icecrown
  3. Saurfang giving her a scar with Shalamayne

If Tyrande fights Sylvanas, she’d probably heal her scar from Saurfang or something

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Nah my boy Godfrey too.

Malfurion punched her down to like 5 or 10% health in WoT before he got axted by Saurfang…
Ironicly Saurfang saved her from Malfurion making all of BFA possible…

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Yes they have but like Nicki Minaj says “We’re not going nowhere!!!” <333333

Oh, right. Good moment.

Godfrey: “YOU HAD THEM IN YOUR GRASP. <bang.>”
Crommush to the Val’kyr:


Missing option D: You’re dead on the inside and just ignore canon because anything you throw together in a drunken night of RP is better than the actual story.


That’s more the player than the character, though.

90 percent of the High Elves of WC3 were exerminated by Arthas

The Gnomes took a major population hit with Gnomeregan.

The Draenei were all but obliterated by the Horde. Their bones were used as pavement.

The difference with the Night Elves is that it was onscreen.


I really doubt Tyrande is in any real risk of dying.

She may not be able to snag Sylvie, but I’m still not convinced anyone will at this point. While it is true she has some Kael parallels, she has far more Liadrin ones going on right now; so if anything she might come out of this reconnecting with her faith in a new way and discovering a method to maintain the Night Warrior form that is more longevity oriented.

That being said, its very possible she might get knocked around a bit if she runs into Sylvie. I highly doubt it will kill her, but that is certainly a possibility. Though I expect that same situation from anyone running into her at this point.

Also, Game of Thrones isn’t popular anymore, so that won’t influence that itchy trigger finger so much.

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