Has anyone gotten the seedbloom currency?

Did multiple superblooms, emerald bountys, killed rares, etc and not one seedbloom? Is it bugged or am I missing something?


I think it is bugged and hope it’s resolved soon I feel like I’m wasting my seeds right now without the seedblooms dropping

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We encountered a bug that prevented Seedbloom from being rewarded through the completion of the weekly Blooming Dreamseeds quest.

We have now hotfixed the issue and it should reward 1 Seedbloom going forward.

Additionally, if you completed the quest before our hotfix went out, go to the Emerald Dream and then check your mail. The local postmaster should be sending out replacement Seedblooms.

Thank you.


Oh good. Another currency. :face_with_monocle:


Got it in my mailbox, ty.

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Is not same old seedbloom?

That would explain why I found a Seedbloom in my mail.

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This Postmaster guy gets his hands on all sorts of crazy things. How does he do it?


Can we have them added to our currency tab instead?

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It was in the currency tab when I got them in PTR, maybe another bug perhaps?

Do you get 1 per week? I’ve done about 15 since the hotfix and have only gotten the 1 in the mail.

i got one from my mailbox today

As well as the seeds too?

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Can confirm that I got it in my mail as well.

Oh yeah actually, this is what i meant, please seeds as currency.

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just add these currency type stuff to the currency tab… stop filling limited bag space with this stuff.


Yeah…they got rid of crests in my bags, only to add triple the currencies in their places. :sweat_smile: One step forward, 10 steps back.