Has anyone found a single Mass Dispel in season 3 that justifies the 500% increase in cooldown?

Same question as the topic. Is there a single reason in these dungeons for mass dispel to have a 2 minute cd. Where is it “too powerful”.

Same question for mind soothe honestly…


Nope, I don’t even put a point in Mass Dispel. This week is bursting tho.

There’s a couple of trash pulls you can skip with Mind Soothe in Everbloom, Waycrest, Atol, and DOTI.

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Yeah, there’s some mind soothe skips.

Everbloom you can skip some berserker packs, and it’s also useful for a couple pats - though the pat usefulness will reduce as tanks learn to use the space better.

RISE you can skip the dragons chromie side

FALL you can use it in the first room.

Atal I mostly use it to prevent mistakes, honestly. You can sneak past most packs you’d want to, but soothe stops someone from bumping collision or something and accidentally pulling a pack while going along the railing.

It MIGHT be useful on the druid part of DHT, but I haven’t tried it, and dunno where you’d make up forces.

Same thing with TOTT and Waycrest - I think you could skip some packs with it (the Naz’jar, and for some reason the pigs in WCM are humanoid) but you kinda need forces.

Mass dispel is less useful. It’s alright in BRH because it’s handy to have multiple magic dispels in the first couple rooms and up the spider staircase. You can purge the healer’s heal in Everbloom’s second boss with it if the cast goes off, and there’s like one spot on ToTT if a cast goes off, but that’s about it.

agreed it was just last season dungeons was designed where MD was extremely powerful shining a massive spot light on it. right now its pretty mid almost useless, for most M+

This season is how it was in previous ones though: you didn’t use MD at all or there was maybe one thing it was good for. Last season was the obvious exception where they went overboard.

In raid they designed bosses around the 2 minute cd on Mass Dispel which is why you still want 2x Priests.

Not really, mass dispel either wipes the group or is a single dispel on a very long cooldown.

I’ve used it on TotT when flame shock goes faster than my dispel cd and it’s put on a squishy target.

Mass dispel got nerfed mostly because shadow priests were op and trivialized a lot of mechanics last season. In my opinion it should have only been nerfed for shadow priests

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Blizzard replaced mechanics that could be countered with mass dispel with just unavoidable group damage.

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I don’t even take it outside of bursting weeks. If it was one-minute I might take it for third boss in Throne of Tides since the flameshock dot hurts and comes out so quick. But at two minutes? nah. You’d get like one use. And it still ain’t cheap mana-wise.

My guild just yolo’d with mistweaver monk getting the other mass dispel since we only had one priest. Probably not the most efficient use of their CD but did the job.

Weird how if they just designed s2 a little differently priests utility wouldn’t have been as high.

Same with designing “kill totem in 3 seconds or wipe” bosses everywhere made ramp classes complete crap.

I believe it was nerfed cause of the raid with all the dispells on the last boss

The first time we saw that fight it was my assumption as well, HOWEVER they still left a “20 debuffs at once handle this” thing in on mythic for the second end boss in a row… perfect for mistweavers…

lol. Such a terrible take. The real answer is blizzard did no balancing passes on the dungeons for way to long.


PI - Nerfed.
MD - Nerfed.
Mind Soothe - Nerfed.

Intrupt, Bress, Lust, Poison cleansing, Curse Cleansing or any other utility to compensate? - NONE.

But Augvoker too stronk - nerf the classes that benefits from it. ( yes I will keep saying it and be the most annoying person about it).


Dont forget VE nerfed.
And we dont have an reliable interrupt either.


Shadow is the only one getting the short stick this season. I’ve done 100+ keys already and haven’t done a single key with a shadow priest on any of my chars.

As a Priest healer I’ve been having a significantly easier time getting into high keys compared to last season. I would get invited to maybe 10% of the keys I applied too during the god comp fiasco last season compared to 90%+ now.

Disc is also a lot of fun and Holy is a sleeper with a good chunk of the top IO priest healers actually being Holy.

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I never even noticed. My new headcanon is that one of the witches just permanently hex’d/cursed a human into pig form.

Thanks for sharing the uses you know!

I’d agree holy is doing just fine in keys so far - I’m very good but not amazing, and I’m probably going to have all 23 tyrannical timed this week (except maybe EB because the third and fourth bosses in there make me cry). And maybe not AD 23 because pugs apparently cannot deal with the spiders and I’m tired of getting to the last boss and then wiping multiple times.

That said, us not being bad in no way justifies all the utility nerfs we got hit with. I miss my 25% 20 second PI. I miss my 25 second MD. I miss being able to do things like Mind Sooth the dragon everyone tries to mount up and sneak by in Fall with mediocre levels of sucess.

I really really miss symbol of hope being worthwhile to press in mythic+. I don’t even know what to do with that talent point anymore. Put it in cosmic ripple? It’s pretty underwhelming on it’s own - like 2% healing overall.

The utility was never what made holy good in mythic+, so we can be good without it. But it all felt fun, and special, and like we had a cool toolbelt for that ‘I’ve got this’ moment. And it still feels like we’re being unfairly punished for other classes being too strong.

I will die on the salt hills of this. :slight_smile:


I wouldn’t mind a button reduction, can I just drop MD? Any dungeons where you really need it? Bursting, BRH for spiders, and boss 3 in TotT, any others?

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I dropped it this week and its been fine. Even in throne i found i could heal through it on the keys im doing As holy.

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