Has anyone ever found Pre-Cataclysm Troll Mages weird?

Shamans are also capable of pyromancy and hydromancy. Still nothing related to the Arcane. That Darkspear trolls somehow have access to.

My personal head canon for Troll Mages in Vanilla was that they were just a different type of Shaman, one that focused on Fire and Water elements, and arcane magic was just a form of Voodoo. I mean, Polymorph felt like it’d be easy to add to a Witch Doctor’s repertoire of spells without breaking immersion, and Shamans did eventually get Hex, which is similar to Polymorph.

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But we’re both assuming here. You are just assuming those primitive races are actually shamans and not mages, where’s I’m assuming they can be mages.

I just assume Darkspear had pyromancers and hydromancers, and were able to figure out how to do arcane too.

So? Why is this weird to you? Why can’t it be a craft they just maintained from the Zandalari days like Shadow Hunters, another thing some tribes have forgotten.

Or, another question, why must it be taught to them? Why can’t have the Darkspear just figured it out on their own if the idea of them maintaining it from Zandalari times is so strange?


The Zandalari learned from the Mogu. The Mogu are titanforged. You talked about Ogres but Ogres on Draenor have lore related to it. Just like how Draenei Shaman have Nobundo and Blood Elf Paladins have Liadrin. Troll Mages have nothing like that. It’s like suddenly the Darkspears started using Arcane Magic when World of Warcraft started. It feels like a last minute addition that was never properly made in time.

Really, pyromancy and hydromancy are schools of magic, not actually classes in and of themselves. They’re schools that can be learned as any class (or no class) that specialize in fire/water based spells.

Classes really shouldn’t be narrowly constrained to the WoW in-game templates, when Lore actually shows that it’s far more complicated then that. And Lorewise, Murlocs and Gnolls don’t have established Mage classes. They are actually stated to have Shamans on the otherhand, so it’s not really an assumption that their pyromancy and hydromancy are a practice of their Shamanism.


Nope. Elves are just better at it.
Think about it like this: Elves are the trolls of magic.
Trolls adapt to their environments, elves adapt to magic. This is most obvious through Thalassian elves, who have a wide variety depending on which political faction and which magic they chose for themselves.


Trolls had mages and arcane magic. Just not pointy hat, mage tower, magic-as-science style magic with an emphasis on portals and fireballs. And there isn’t a huge division between “arcane/divine” magic among Trolls.

But between all the talk of mojo, alchemy, non-priestly magic users, and the like, the Jungle Trolls used plenty of magic that doesn’t rely on their connection to any particular supernatural spirit. And they were still very far ahead of Orcs and Tauren in this regard back in Warcraft 3/Vanilla.


Troll Witch Doctors use Shamanism or Shadow Magic though. Nothing related with the Arcane.

No, no They don’t. They are useing Voodoo.

Trolls using the arcane ist nothing new. Even Amani NPC have mages since TBC.

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Amani don’t have mages. They have one boss that stole the essence of a Dragonhawk Loa.

That’s were you’re wrong.

Amani have mages. Even the High Elves did steal from them and copied them.

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But Leylines count right?




And when you created Mage in vanilla, you were supposed to learn from tablets at the beginning.
And in Vanilla there was tale about Gurubashi Sorcerer that harmed Kraken with his magic.

Trolls were always adapt with magic, they are very creative race. Elves won against them because they had well of Eternity as power up.
But that doesn’t mean that trolls didn’t have it, and that their knowledge couldn’t be passed on to newer generations.

I assume The reason why mages were not popular could be that Arcane demans time and certain conditions to study, and how trolls could dedicate their time for that when for years they were forced to fight for survival.

Edit: I think the issue is that ever since elves were introduced in WoW they monopolised mage/enchants stuff. While the game should’ve explore other race practices.


I still miss those mages and the story about the lost artifact. Could have been something net later on.


No. They stole from Zanza the Restless who is a Zandalari Loa. Not an Amani.

Read the story again. Zanza learned the Amani. The Elves stole from the Amani.

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Zanza is from the Zandalari.

Yes and? I said read the story, you should check your sources first.
The Amani were thought by Zanza. Their arcane knowledge was stolen by the Elves.


I think trolls just don’t/didn’t have mages in the way we think of them. (Studious bookworms working under archmages in Dalaran or ancient knowledge from the many types of elves)

Now we have troll members of the Kirin Tor and such, but I think before having contact with the other races, it’s probable that they just practiced a more primitive form of it rather than having a complex understanding.

Not really all that weird. It’s not like they inserted this huge arcane magic tradition out of no where. They just have some trolls that learned magic hanging around. There is plenty of evidence that trolls have some magic knowledge, but it’s also never really been a big focus for them.

This forum operates in on/off mode. There can be middle ground you know.

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Technically since you apparently do, and you’re a somebody, the answer is undeniably yes.