Has anyone else noticed pugs being sabotouged?

Has anyone noticed a sudden spike in statements in the LFG channel like, “run a gdkp, it goes so much more smoothly”?

Suddenly pugs that would normally clear 12/12N can’t seem to make it beyond plague wing. There’s always a hand full of folks who, even though they have great logs, just can’t seem to do mechanics right, like leaving oozes in raid and not taking them to tank or forgetting to stack on point when the HUGE orange spore that no one can miss appears. I’m sorry but I believe this is 100% deliberate.

Gold sellers are wiping pugs on purpose. It’s as if they’re trying to normalize GDKP because they’re “just a hard working…” fraudsters.


That is one heck of a take I tell you what.

We have 30% buff. In normal especially almost all mechanics can be ignored.

I’d blame your raid lead for not finding better people tbh


What you sold as “things that wipe the raid” are the mechanics we activly don’t need to do in most good raids. For that matter don’t even do in heroic furthermore reg that your talking about.

So the players not doing them prob are just used to better groups and as such are not used to doing them. While ya they should be able to adapt and do them if required your leader shoudl also make a group of similar players and as such get better results as everyone’s on the same page like you know gdkps do. Or get everyone on the same page in order to make the run successful like you know gdkps do and are able to quite well due to having a insentive to do so. This is the core reason they do quite well.

No gold sellers are not wasting there time wiping your runs. You’re not the target audience. They don’t care if your wiping or doing well in icc they care about one type of player and only one the whales that acount for 90 plus percent of there sales. These same whales don’t want to roll vs other players if they want something they want to get it so there not going to be caught in your run even if you clear at a much better rate for the simple fact your not going to garentee them the loot they want. Plus you’re not going to have a cleaner run so it’s a waste of the whales time. Why would they waste time with you when they can pay people to get a smooth run. This is the exact reason it’s not uncommon for good players to get paid to help out in sr pugs even (esp so when raiders leader has a hr on the item he wants).

It’s not rocket science. There is nothing for a gold seller to gain wiping your run so why would they bother wasting there time.

Also if a handful of players can wipe a pug doing norm in plague wing that group was doomed already. That raid leader has failed at the core level of his job. As even a team of 5 skilled players can kill reg rot 25 at 30 percent. Wiping on that means that raid leader dint even do the basic job of getting even the most basic core of players there. Any pug requires a core of 5-10 players that knows what’s up for 25. Not finding that to build of shows the issue was your raid leader nothing more.

As a note, people are not trying to normalize gdkp. Gdkp has been normalized for a long time, it’s more normalized than soft rez where soft rez often has many rules “up in the air” that change group to group gdkp the rules have gotten to the point there rather constant between groups and often way more accessible with clear docs outlining them for any worthwhile group. Soft Rez in fact is a newer system than gdkp by a good while. There is nothing that needs to be normalized by gdkps they already are one of the most common pug loot systems and for good reason.


Is this the dumbest thing I’ll read all week? Quite possibly!


I’d love to know which of these people is the gold seller with “great logs” sabotaging the run. Surv hunter that doesn’t press explosive shot? Demo lock who only uses Incinerate and never casts Soul Fire?


People really will find any reason to blame their problems on GDKP


gdkp its best. Less noob

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lol this is like a good 25% of the playerbase.


@OP, do you ingest THC? It is known to increase paranoia.

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The irony is the “raid leader”, the heal paladin actually “poached” that Hunter before we had a chance to tell her she would not be raiding with us :rofl:

The pali mains as a tank so you can’t really judge him by his heals but what you can judge him on is believing that everything that drops that he is able to equip, should be his to roll on, regardless of loot rules.

I’m tempted to believe the percentage is a little higher but I’m no expert.

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i’m not surprised if that’s true & happening, Gold selling is real deal in wow, some people earn more than xxx $$ per week from gdkp’s.

Also gdkp’s is filled with fake bidders ‘friends of leader’ Once the raid ends and they start to auction certain items…if an actual player want it for 20k and non bid higher, u will see the fake bidder keep raising hoping to make the actual bidder bid more, Most actual bidder fall for that and keep bidding & even rise it the 20k item to 70k but if the fake bidder increases and the actual bidder didn’t bid higher the fake bidder DC himself so the the items goes to 2nd highest bidder which is the actual bidder.
Gdkp’s are filled with that type of Scam even if they fake bidder lose a share, the gdkp leader ‘his friend’ are gaining insanely higher money because of the org cut specially when it’s 20% or even more.

this game was doomed the moment blizzard failed big time with “allowing raid items to be traded for 2hours time” something that didn’t even exist in original wrath, Also to not track all gdkp’s and ban any gold seller or gold buyer in them.
it should be super easy for blizzard to track the millions of gold those gdkp leaders collect on their accounts and witness them trading it aka selling it to others.

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Sounds like the typical group where the leader that HR boe’s do 0 leading and always claims to do the “first 6” and then they wipe 1 or 2 times on rotface and people start leaving?

Blame people on your server for terrible pugs… people complain alot (yes, complain is the right word for this) but they dont even start any sorts of groups and waits someone else do first…

They reap what they sow…

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I mean… on certain servers you have gdkp or garbage groups with leads that HR boe’s, 0 leading that can’t even clear plague wing with a 30% buff or join a guild but dont expect too much on your first 2-3 weeks…

Not much else people can put the blame to at this rate…

GDKP is literally not responsible for other groups being unable to clear ICC. Y’all will really stretch anything nowadays.

I’m sorry what? I don’t give two stones about gdkps. This “Y’all” you’re throwing at me for what reason? for me you can auction your dignity for all I care on gkdps… it’s something that will never bother me gdkps. I do wish LFG had a filter so I would just remove the word to make my group finding easier on alts tho.

Oh and please, do not try to put me that I don’t like gdkps by simply saying a filter would be nice… I personally choose to not join gdkps because I want to earn my gear not use my bank account for progress… to each their own, right?

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I GDKP in 8 different runs a week, I have never in my life seen such a thing.

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Wait till you see what I have planned for dungeons when we’re near the end…

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I cant believe that.

If you had people who actively tried to sabotage your raid or play really bad despite having achievements and logs raidleaders woull very quickly blacklist them like I have back in the days when I formed groups manually.

Such people would build up a bad rep which would stop their activities in its tracks.

Chances are you just enjoy the fruits of GDKP where people buy their gear (so requiring a certain GS is kinda braindead) or pay third parties to aquire logs same as they aquire arena rating.


With the kind of disdainful, degenerates that play this game…

Not hard to believe at all.

It’s possible that they may not care about the consequences of their actions anymore…

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nah its just barrel bottom effect. It’s very easy to believe it’s intentional, because it’s harder to believe anyone can be that bad. like 5.5k gs dps doing 3k dps. You start watching them closely to see which 2 are being multi-boxed, but no dice. They’re not following anyone else, theyre randomly backpedaling a step for no reason. They walk to the fish feast to eat. You settle for “maybe bot” but not quite either. They are going from boss to boss with the raid. eventually you just have to admit, ok this is real.

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The player base that actually pugs are mostly paste eaters on Pagle…or they don’t speak English . That’s why most join a guild and as a effective raid leader in guild you can either nurture the talent you have and get better / progress as a solid group so you don’t have to pug, or bench them for someone who isn’t … Well…bad.