Has anyone else given up on hunter changes?

Pity party threads like this are so pathetic and childish.

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attempts at trolling are so pathetic and childish. go else where if you don’t like the content of this thread.


Honestly i’ve given up on hunter ever being fixed, blizzard despises the class i’ve mained for over a decade, they spit on me and my fellow hunters so i’ve quit and moved on to other games.
Honestly recommend you guys do the same, it’s fairly obvious they don’t care about us at all.

All acti-blizz cares about is time metrics, not player fun, not class design, or keeping class fantasy a thing.


So if i dont jump on the bandwagon im trolling? Thanks for the cherry on top of the pathetic cake. I’ll leave you poor babies to continue your river of nerd tears


Still a problem because then risk management comes into play, especially in PVP. Hunters don’t have the sorts of damage mitigation and defensives mages and warlocks posses, their primary defense is speed and distance.

Having to stand still to cast Aimed Shot had better pay off big time because a stationary hunter is a dead hunter.


i don’t mind the cast time but i just think wod did it best. aimed shot wasn’t useless when cast on the move but the mastery encouraged standing still. the mastery for me was a really fun skill to learn. to learn how to manage every step i take with every mechanic. it was kind of a dance. to minimize movement while doing everything still.

never said that. you obviously only came here to insult us and our opinions and in the process try to make us made. you purposefully are trying to provoke people into anger. that is why you are trolling.


Thanks, but i know what a troll is. All i did was stop in to express an opinion, same as you. Sorry it didn’t line up with your expectations.

The freedom to express one’s opinion does not free those opinions from being refuted. If there’s no real argument, then your post is no more than a logged ‘NO U’ and doesn’t serve any purpose other than to add to the noise.

That being said, here’s mine.

I’m not a Mythic raider, Rated PVPer, or key pusher, but I feel that a major problem with the hunter class as a whole is that Blizzard seems to be stepping away from the working model that was set during Cataclysm and parting out various aspects of hunter gameplay (that worked well in concert with each other) amongst the three specs, and not all of them are coming back with desired results. I’m kind of old-school in this way because I went RSV and never looked back: I realize that all of the aspects of the class came together to make something that just about outshone the other ranged specs (including MM and BM), but I also feel that this is a backdoor sort of way to nerf a class.

Elemental damage, traps, and pet synergy was parted out to Survival…which is odd because its hardest-hitting ability is by far and away Mongoose Bite. It’s like Arms Warriors in reverse. I don’t want to get bogged down into talking about MSV vs RSV, but I have noticed that Lock & Load (and an ability like Serpent Sting or Black Arrow to trigger it) are noticeably absent from the spec, which was instead parted out to MM as a lackluster talent. I like the simplicity that’s gone behind MSV so far, and I’m hoping they don’t bloat it up in SL, but it’s looking to be an unnecessarily complicated spec.

The focus builder/spend model was parted out to Marksman. However, there’re no baseline DOTs, we had to fight to get traps re-introduced to the spec, the instant casts were taken out, and instead of a model to encourage standing still ala WOD, MM hunters are instead forced to stand still for Aimed Shot. We’re just casters now, but without the utility. Worse yet, we’ve gone through three completely different iterations of MM in as many expansions. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: designing a spec centered around a quick person with a gun should not be this difficult, and yet here we are. At the moment, there’s not much to differentiate us from other casters, but in the past, that difference was the option for movement…which we’re not gonna get. Look, it says a lot that one of the most popular set bonuses in WOD (instant Aimed) and legendary items in Legion (moving Aimed with every second use) isn’t even being considered as a legendary effect in SL. I’ve seen what MM has coming its way for legendary powers, and it’s quite frankly, they’re so useless that it’s insulting. The devs simply don’t want MM hunters to move. I don’t know how bad it is, but I like moving; also, the flow of MM is equally odd, as Rapid Fire has a channel time but we can move while Aimed Shot has a cast time and we can’t. I liked the snappiness of MM in MOP as the defining feel of how it was to play a hunter, but I don’t think we’re gonna get that back: I felt like a melee class with a 40-yard effective range, and that felt pretty damned good.

The instant cast abilities, consistent DPS, mobility, and pet collecting were parted out to Beast Mastery. Ironically, the spec doesn’t really have a lot of synergy with the pet, reducing it to a remote source of DPS: there’s no feedback loop between the hunter and its pet, it all flows towards the pet. This spec comes the closest to the hunter design Ghostcrawler set up in Cataclysm, but it also means that if you want those benefits, you also have to deal with the dodgy pet AI, and pet choices that don’t always fit the RPG model that Ion seems to love because animal families are locked into specializations. If I’m a mechagnome, gnome, or goblin who wants mechanical pets, I can’t always use them because they’re always cunning, which isn’t ideal for PVE. (A small quibble, but it’s so annoying.)

On top of this, the one thing all three specs are missing is a raid-wide buff like Hunting Party, Aspect of the Pack, or the pet buffs it used to offer. When you compare this to what shaman, mages, warlocks, druids, and priests have to offer a raid or party, it seems a bit bleak if hunters can’t at least offer overwhelming amounts of damage.

I like all three specs for different reasons, but what makes me feel pessimistic about the class as a whole is that the devs seem to be dead set on keeping those gameplay aspects completely separated, and if that’s the way it goes, then SV is a watered-down melee, MM is a watered-down caster with a three second cast for underwhelming damage, and BM is once again going to be the only spec that offers something that other classes can’t: consistent damage with little regard to range or mechanics. If that’s the way it’s going to go, I may get a raid spot, but it won’t be the spec I want to play.


No one made that claim.

An expression of opinion doesn’t need to serve a purpose, it can just merely be that. Sort of like the op and thus purpose of this thread. Op didnt start a duscussion, didn’t offer any thoughts on improvement. As a matter of fact, op specifically stated they had no intention of providing feedback. So by your logic, this thread is by definition “adding to the noise”.

I tried GW2 and bought the entire game and past chapters. I joined the BEST guild I ever was a member of. Open to LGBTQ+ folk and not just a boy’s crass club, helpful friendly members, knowledge of armor and playing your role well. It felt like home.

Too bad I hated GW2 after a while. I missed the Holy Trinity of Tank/Healer/DPS. I missed group content that didn’t seem tacked on. I hated exploring maps looking for quests.

In short, I missed my first love, WoW, and here I am.

I agree.

I also fall on the other side of this issue.

Make me use my tools to open gaps and stay at range, and reward me with big damage for doing so properly.

Maybe a talent or PvP talent for castable while moving, or perhaps a baseline passive with a 30% damage reduction if you move during the cast, but the base idea of “Long cast for big damage” is one of the foundational pillars of MM going back longer than some current players have been alive.

the title is the premise of the discussion which has branched out to different areas including the gameplay of ff 14.


i’m not going to give the same feedback over and over when nothing is changing.

i said so because all of our feedback given has been ignored. anyways. you’re a troll, don’t want to admit it because you are trolling, and i’m done trying to prove anything to you. i don’t care if you want to voice your opinion, but all you say is “your pathetic and childish” then expect another report from me.


Worked for priests? How so?

Worked as in they actually got a response from devs and in turn got changes to their class, they might not have been good changes but at least they got changes.

Hunter is the only class that has not been touched since alpha.


Yes, but in that time, melee has evolved to the point that it can close in quickly. In that time, hunters have lost aspect of the monkey, aspect of the dragonhawk, and aspect of the iron eagle (all mutually exclusive), and readiness, all which nullified the effectiveness of being swarmed somewhat, (and protections that other ranged classes still possess) yet MM hunters are still expected to remain stationary for a long cast with mediocre damage.

The base idea is bad without protective measure that hunters no longer possess. In the process of pruning the hunter of ‘extraneous abilities,’ the devs have torn out vital portions of the hunter’s protection without even realizing it.

I hate comparing hunters to other casters because at its core, the hunter is a ranged physical attacker, but if the devs insist on cast times that force the hunter to stand still, then we’re gonna draw up comparisons of the protections they posses versus the protections hunters lack.


FYI no one cares about your immature derailing. If you have nothing to say, which you clearly don’t, try to refrain from posting at all.


im probably gonna stick to classic if I don’t find my shaman or dk fun.

No it isnt, its a premise for a pity party, but hey whatever makes you feel better. Just because others took the conversation in a more mature direction doesn’t change that.

FYI no one cares about your white knighting

I said plenty. If you’re going to butt in, try and keep up.

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Then MM Hunters should get additional tools to open (and keep open) gaps, possibly some movement speed.

Aimed Shot having a long cast time is core to MM. Aimed Shot being hardcasted while not moving has been the prevailing design for most of WoW, with only MoP and WoD deviating from that (and Wrath making it instant, but Wrath MM was really weird).