Harsh Discipline 10.2 Change

yeah i was talking about our non scov window.

Picked up disc again this past month, and I have to say that seeing that section of the tree be dead is NOT something that bothers me personally. In fact, it really just makes me happy. It’s extremely fiddly to play, takes a weakaura for me to do it well personally (yin/yang color changing weakaura is what I went with), and tends to make it feel clunky. On paper I like the idea, but with the spec having the dark buttons tied to scov or mind blast timers I just didn’t enjoy it. It feels a bit like eclipse used to in ages past on boomkin if they decided to make a worse implementation of it.

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I was excited when they brought in TE. That said, after playing it for the expac, I’ve become rather indifferent to it. In SCOV, the only holy spell i use is maybe Solace to quickly buff a Harsh Disc Penance, since your shadow abilities are buffed. I like it in that its more interesting to go smite>mindblast>smite>mindblast>penance then just smite spam, but its not so awesome that i’d be sad to see it go.

I never liked harsh discipline in any iteration.
I enjoyed playing TPO in shadowlands, so I am happy that they bring it back.