[H][Area52]<Mana>11/11H 3/11M TUES/WED/THURS 7-930p (PST) LF DPS

Hello, welcome to Mana’s recruitment post!. Mana is a returning Cutting Edge Mythic raiding guild that pushes themselves as best as we can. We’re a guild that is looking for more exceptional and dedicated players to join our progression focused guild and community.

After re-starting raiding late in the tier six weeks ago we are now 2/11 Mythic in Sepulcher of the First Ones.

We raid on Tuesday and Wednesday Thursday 7:00pm to 9:30pm (Pacific Standard Time)

A few things we expect from our players are to:

  • Keep up with the current content.
  • Push yourself to be your best.
  • Check your logs, fix your mistakes and research your class/spec to be the best you can be.
  • Partake in Mythic+ to do your weekly, or even push higher keys!
  • Listen to calls and adapt to new situations.
  • Be 15 minutes early to raid and inform us with notice on times you might not make raid.
  • Understand that our spots are competitive, meaning we take our best 20 based on performance, dedication and comp.

Our main goal is to get Cutting Edge while having fun! This means being as progressive when we’re raiding on our three days, taking the best players that we have to work together and kill Bosses! We’re all vocal and exceptionally welcoming to everyone and involve each player, we hold everyone to the same standards. We look to improve how fast we clear content each tier, by improving our roster as much as we can while still keep our guild community.

Our raid environment is fun, though serious when we’re on progression. We expect people to research the fights and be as ready as they can to start pulling bosses at 7pm.

We are currently looking for:

  • Warrior

  • Death Knight

  • Hunter

  • Mage

  • Boomie


  • And really any exceptional player.

  • Mythic+/PVP casuals

A trialing system will take place when you join us, and we will determine if you’re the right fit for us! Our spots are competitive but our goals are to get every dedicated and committed raider the kills and achievements.

If this sounds like a guild you’d like to be a part of let us know and we can discuss our next steps to getting you here and raiding with Mana as soon as possible. If interested please add one of us on discord:

Swizzle (Raid Leader) - Discord: Swizzle#1786

Reckless (Recruitment Officer) - Discord: Reckless#6878

Doom (Co-GM) - Discord: Doom#8245

Quixsis (Super Kame Guru/GM) Quixsis#6692

and fill out our application http://bit.ly/3DZN0Dd

Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Still looking for a H Paladin, Warrior, DK & Mage!

We are still looking for Hpal, Dk and Warrior

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