[H][Area52] <The Last Pull> 6/11M recruiting ranged DPS & Heals

The Last Pull [6/11M] is a PvE focused guild on Area-52 looking for other people to push Cutting Edge. We raid Tuesday/Wednesday with an optional Monday guild event day from 8-11 PM EST and are looking for people to help solidify our raid roster. We want dedicated players who play more than just the hours inside of raid so we can get to know one another more and build a community.

The Last Pull is a newly established raiding team needing ranged DPS and ranged healers to solidify our raid roster. Our goals are to set up an additional 2nd raid team that we are recruiting for, which will get started in about a month. We are willing to trial all ranged classes for team 1!

Mythic Raids are Tuesday/Wednesday from 8-11pm EST and an optional guild event day on Monday 8-11PM EST.

Our 2nd raiding team will be a more casual group of raiders who are wanting to push higher content but at a slower rate, and people who haven’t raided mythic before but are interested. This team won’t be starting up for a couple weeks, so if you would like to hang out in the meantime while we build it, you are more than welcome to!

There are multiple members in the guild who are casual players, participate in PvP and we have a couple M+ players who push high keys.

New members are required to go through a trial period of 2 weeks with the raiding team.
Previous mythic raid experience, and AOTC of the current raid tier.

Aca - Bnet: deadinside#11739
Discord: jesus of new jersey#1888

Hurrican/Zac - Bnet:Zanydruid#1184649

Sitris - Bnet: Sitris#1709
Discord: Sitris#1302

Guv - Bnet:Satun#1308

Still looking for Mage/lock/boomkin

great guild hottest dudes

Still looking for ranged.

Looking for ranged heals!

Great guild best feasts needs ranged/healers

ranged DPS, healers and a DK. also looking for simps for our team 2 roster :slight_smile:

Still looking for ranged DPS, healer and a DK

Hey all. Still looking for 1-2 for raid team pushing CE

5/11M still looking for a 1-2 more dps

Now 6/11! Looking for ranged DPS and heals

Recruiting all classes for Team 2 and a RL

Bump, looking for ranged dps to round out our main roster :slight_smile:

Looking for ranged DPS and a DK!