Happy RNGversary!

I invite 100 people to my birthday, I mean I sell them an invitation to the party. But, only 5 people are drawn to dance, eat and drink.
Nice party!


dont need more then a single mount to play this game. it’s just a bonus.

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Don’t need any booze at his party, it’s just a bonus.

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Don’t need dumb analogies either, but here we are.



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Imagine going to a birthday party as a guest . . .

Then getting mad when the birthday boy doesn’t give you a gift.


I wonder how many people whining about mount RNG would even use the mount if it was just handed to everyone

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thats right, it’s WoW’s birthday we should be paying an extra sub cost to blizzard.

Please don’t cry about a mount you will use for maybe 5 mins when you get it then never use it again. Be happy they even made a new mount to try for.

^ this. Every year people cry about not getting a bunch of stuff on a non milestone anniversary.

Yeah, it is easy now!

Hey, thank you!

You just need to go to 10 or 20 parties a day every day for a few weeks and hope one of them lets you have a slice of cake.

Be grateful for the stick! Forget about the carrot, fools.