Happy Birthday, WoW Classic!

So … when are you planning to announce TBC?

Very Soon™?


Most likely not until after Naxx is out

oh okay ty

You play 12+ hours every day, don’t ya?


That’s why he’s prepared.


I’m also going to hop on the WoW Classic birthday hype train and give a heart-felt THANK YOU to all of our players for making WoW Classic such an incredible project to be a part of.

Thanks for being an awesome community, and thanks for always keeping us on our toes! :wink: :heart:


Now imagine how incredible Classic TBC will be.

We’re waiting. chop, chop.


And given how the people treat each other in that game.

What a disaster

wow its already been a year since str*amers ruined Classic
wow what a world

Sir there is already a thread on this, so ill have to report this is “spam” /s

Crazy that its been an entire year already.

If you don’t watch them and don’t play on Faerlina, they don’t really exist.


It’s been a lot of fun

It’s hard to believe it’s been a year. This guy is still not to 60 but his cousin the mage hit level cap a few months ago. I decided to savor the journey.

Happy Birthday, Classic!

Why censor “streamers”?

can we get a fresh no transfer server to celebrate!!


But… all the content has already been made… you know exactly what the future holds… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Yes! Please thank that person on my behalf! :slight_smile:


We love the game. We hate how some people abuse it. If we could get some iron-fisted responses to things like win-swapping in BGs and environmental exploits, we’d be happier. But yeah, it’s a great game as always.

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I hope it hold some TBC in the coming year of 2021!

It sure does, so any thought on how long you are going to leave the worst balanced BG map in the history of WoW in classic with the only changes being to hurt alliance players?