Hand of Sacrifice unreliable; doesn't transfer the correct amount

I did some testing today to finally figure out why Hand of Sac feels so unreliable. Here is what I found.

Hand of Sacrifice can only transfer a total amount of damage equal to the casting Paladin’s max HP. Bubble does not bypass this. If a Hand of Sacrifice expires without transferring the full allowed amount, the amount that was transferred is not reset, and the next Hand of Sacrifice cast will not be able to transfer as much.

Example with numbers:

  • Tank has 45k hp, HPal has 25k hp
  • HPal casts Hand of Sac on Tank. Tank takes 70k damage over the duration, reduced to 49k damage with 21k damage transferred to HPal
  • Later HPal casts another Hand of Sac on Tank. This cast will only be able to transfer 4k damage before being removed automatically

Have you found any other way to reset besides relogging?