Hallow's End Realm Celebration!

:jack_o_lantern:The Court of Lions would like you all to join us in celebration of Hallow’s End on October 19th!:ghost:
:skull_and_crossbones:Gothic Wedding begins at 7pm: Suggested Attire is Funeral Chic!:skull_and_crossbones:
Then at 8pm we are hosting a wondrous reception for everyone!
Don your costumes and visit each of the marked locations for tricks and treats in the village of Darkshire.
We have been hard at work collecting the most spooktacular Potions, Food, Brews, Beverages, and Pets for everyone!
Also, be sure to line up to for a visit with our mystic fortune Teller. Be sure to heed his advice and remember your lucky number. It just might be the turn of luck you need to win one of 6 amazing prizes.
The prizes include the Steelbound Devourer, the Onyx Jeweled Panther, the Dune Scavenger, and a special mystery mount! As well as a level 25 Darkmoon Rabbit and a level 25 Feline Familiar.
There will also be a small carnival with rides and dancing in the pumpkin field near town.
Following the festivities we will be hosting a game of Worgen in the Woods.
Please join us for this chilling and wonderful celebration of Hallow’s End!