Half the Playerbase is gone?

This is the least grindy an xpack has been in 4+ years.


Indeed sir indeed we are hanging on out of the sliver of hope maybe just maybe… and blizz is happy to string us along. Good example is I loved I mean loved legion and half the player base was in here screaming about rng legendaries and I thought they where great haha


I try too,but that jungle of a yard it’s going to cut and prune itself.


If everyone continues to ask if the playbase is gone? Are they really?


Sorry but I was basically making a reference to how we all are trying to find ways to fill our lost wow gametime. I didn’t mean to generalize as an insult.

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Speaking for myself, the game really went downhill in terms of, ‘Fun,’ when they added scaling.

There was something rewarding about finishing an entire zone before while leveling, so you’re slightly stronger than everything in the next zone. It felt like being rewarded for putting in the time and effort.

There was something rewarding about getting more gear in current content, seeing mobs and enemies become so much weaker and more easy to handle.

The game was better when I picked up an upgrade and didn’t have to ask myself, “are enemies about to jump up in HP and damage if I put this on?”

I get that sometimes world quest mobs died insanely fast, but the solution wasn’t scaling, it should’ve been to let players tap the corpse for a good 15 seconds after its HP dropped to 0.

It really feels like progression is a myth in this game.


Try past 12 at night then ask where did they go?

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You get it, but a lot of people just don’t understand this whole scaling thing and how it has ruined the game.


Yes and MAU’s are not displayed per game but are global to Activision: it’s another clickbait video from that youtuber.


I think for some people scaling keeps the game challenging and for them that is fun. Speaking only for myself, I like progression. I like my upgrades to make me stronger, not weaker.

To me, it is the height of absurdity that I am stronger at level 50 than when I hit 60, that mobs melt before me at 51, 52, 53, 54… but at 55 and up I have to sit down and eat/drink after every pull and use cooldowns.


The choosing to die on legion scaling hill ain’t helping either.

You can wait till 9.3 cant you?

Yes we can. And you can wait for my money. If that takes 2 years to get there well then there you go lol. What some of the player base may be saying as they leave if they haven’t left already.


That would be a valid concern if we were not talking about Blizzard, what’s going to happen is: they’ll take time and still deliver it broken as if they did it in a hurry.


I’m just here for Classic at this point, hoping Retail gives me a reason to play again


They have too many pay whales that would buy a gold plated polished turd with the blizzard logo on the store 2 sec for 100$ after releasing. They don’t care, Ion has a net worth of 15$ million, you aren’t even a thought on his mind. But continue posting on the forums I guess, that will show them!


Question is why ask for it in the first place if they knew it would come to this. For me ,i didn’t agree to this is system and was ridiculed every time I said so.


Blizz give us WoW2 with Overwatch graphics!


slands subs peaked at 7M and now is down to the low 3M’s, plus classic. There are multiple sources for this.

It is a somewhat normal drop after launch during the Ion dev team expansions of legion/bfa/slands. It appears that the new borrowed power systems make people quit faster.

h t t p s://mmo-population.com/r/wow/


Class fantasy is important imo. I hate how they are getting away from it.
The last tier sets we got came from legion… :woman_facepalming:


abandonment of the past few expansions “legacy content” mechanic as well in place of the new one which now has players waiting nearly 6 years, as opposed to the 4 years to easily and accessibly solo 2 expansion old content.

Thats got to be leaving a mark on player retention too


The front loading of rental systems at launch has not worked out.

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