Half the Playerbase is gone?

Here’s the legit answer:

World of Warcraft is fine, it’s experiencing the same/similar player drop off as with any other past expansion as recorded by Neilsen in the past (nothing out of the ordinary), and even with this, is still the 5th highest grossing game in the west. Also Neilsen excludes China/East markets, so wow is potentially even better than shown here.

And incase you have no idea what SuperData is or why you should care about some random chart:

SuperData is the world’s leading provider of market intelligence. SuperData offers quantitative and qualitative insights on free-to-play games, digital console, mobile, PC downloadable, streaming media and gaming video content, eSports, and virtual reality.

In simple terms, they are the definitive tool and rating of gaming market performance and pulls their data from accurate market sources that aren’t privy to just any random joe. Ratings provided by Neilsen is what most industries (i.e. television, etc) use to judge the performance, strength and value of their markets.


While it’s hard to tell it’s not impossible to make a great guess. We can’t just pinpoint but generally we know.

Just like we knew without official numbers that BFA was the 2nd worst expansion in WoW history with Legion having numbers upwards in between Cata and Mop.

It’s probably close to it though, it could even be lower. We have our biases but this game sucks dude.


DSAG, dood


Maybe they’ll get a clue that their game sucks.


Exactly, simplicity can do wonders.

The moment they started added this systems like Azerite Gear or Soulbinds is when things start to fall apart


i knew we were screwed the moment we saw this

then look at this


It’s about right, there is mostly horde running on my server now. And past 12 no one is on. Half is gone.


There was complexity before then. Guarantee if they brought even MoP back for the population now, it wouldn’t have the same “taste” as we had back then. Game population is heavily divided in what it wants (and it feels like geographic regions align more heavily than others, like just compare EU vs NA playstyles).

Going to be laughing once people see how the community breaks tbc and while calling it too convoluted.


My only measure is how populated my phase of Oribos is after work hours like around 7 o’clock PM. Some days seems healthy some days super empty.


I finally quit. I am a total scrub, so I have lots of time. Played this game from the start. Something changed. What I realized was that they handed off MY game to a bunch of young bucks who took it and turned it into a new game. A new game I did not want.

They could have made a new game and left mine alone, adding to it instead of resetting it and changing it every expansion. Allowing us to advance characters and build something that isn’t taken away is important, but the devs are more interested in patting each other on the back then dealing with reality.

Wow is gone and it’s fitting that the expansion that took me realizing it is the expansion where we literally went to hell… just like the game. Irony? /shrug


Part of the issue for me is WoW is competing against itself. There are older versions of the game that I just love! It’s hard not to be sad when a system you really like gets gutted. And there’s no chance it will return. Each release is a new system, so. Eh.


If they had made SL good instead of grindy from the start there wouldn’t be any dilemma at all.


I don’t think anyone has quality numbers on player count so we’re all just looking at our friend lists and guessing.


I didnt think it would happen to me but I am done as well. It boils down to one thing, I am not having fun logging in. The magic is not here, I want it to be, but its not. I tried raiding, seemed very unrewarding. Tried PvP, seemed to only give me a headache anymore. Tried leveling alts, have no desire to level anymore.

The fact that they buffed warriors over 18% since the expac dropped and I still feel like I dont have dps like lesser geared players is the nail in the coffin.

Maybe its me, but one thing is for sure, I am no longer having fun and lost the urge to even login to do anything.


This is what happens when you design an entire expansion around the demands of players who Clear raids then sell carries, or do viewer content. TITANFORGE IS BAD TAKING MORE THAN 3 weeks to clear a raid bad, actually having to play game is bad… I’m generalizing here just so you know. I’ll expand if needed. I’m chilling in the forums cause I subbed again hoping blizzcon would bring something good. I’m trying to justify the 15 I wasted.


i don’t care what these sites say - as someone playing this game often, I can tell you there’s def less players :slight_smile:

i’ve been on shadowlands since day 1 too, so I can tell lol. There’s multiple in-game metrics you can use to come to that conclusion.


That’s not surprising considering what has been given. People are truly thirsty for a good mmorpg and all we got are the same usual to hop around.


On ours it mostly if gear were up at a certain point or Tuesday looking to see the vault then they’re gone and no one but some alts. Like they did one day of raiding then their weekly ,poof .


Here’s the far bigger story:

Where’s FF14, ESO, SWTOR or any of the other MMOs that are hyped up around here? They aren’t even on the list. What is up with that? If these numbers are indicative of WOW dying then I would HATE to be in the position of those other games.


Simple answer: they aren’t as profitable or generate high enough revenue to make the list.

The games on this list are games that consistently rake in the high hundreds of millions to over a billion quarterly.

Games such as FFXIV for example comes no where close to that…

I couldn’t find any recent reporting or cared to look any further but FFXIV for example:

Square Enix reported their calendar year Q2 2019 earnings report today and MMO revenues and profits were at near record highs. MMO revenue came in at 8.8B Yen ($83M) for the quarter while profits were a little less than half that at 4B Yen ($38M)

If WoW had Quarterly revenues of only a mere 83M and profits of only 38M… WoW would be dead, for reals this time.

While Activision doesn’t list exact numbers for individual games, in their Q4 2020 earnings report, Activision raked in $8.09 billion noted thanks largely to Call of Duty and World of Warcraft games and services, their two top revenue games.