Half-Orc friendly Guilds?

I was thinking about looking into finding a guild for my Half-Human/Half-Orc. Figured the forums was the best place to start!
List em all!

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Quite a few, actually.

A good way to guage it I find. “Is the guild run mainly be orcs?” if the answer is no, your chances go up considerably.

Most guilds that are neutral, non-combat I find tend to be very half-breed friendly. There are ones that have combat that are, but the best bet is to find ones not run by orcs since most Half-orc stigma comes from orcs.


Is there a post with a list of active neutral guilds (and horde guilds that are ok with half-breeds) about? I feel like it would have been a good point to make one since not a lot of people agreed with who the warchief was.

If you find one, you should touch base with their Alliance side counterpart.

-Ahem- Asking for a friend who isn’t always wearing a helmet and heavy armor to mask her build, of course.


Honestly I think most guilds would be accommodating. An Orc is an Orc, even if their blood is mixed with another race. Rexxar is a prime example of this, and so long as you aren’t wangsting on about your character’s genesis, I can’t see many people objecting to anyone, especially in this expansion, questioning what it means to be an Orc, and what it means to be part of the Horde.

You’ll have your chest thumpers on both sides if you play anything that isn’t a straight up Horde or Alliance race, and people are gonna throw stereotypes and awful head canon at you relentlessly.

Just take the plunge, share the spotlight and don’t go full edgelord. Have fun and go nuts, it’s your $15 a month.


Which half of the orc are we being friendly to, is the question?

Because, I’m picturing orc legs on a human body or human legs on an orc body and both are glorious.

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Human/Orc, The visual is kinda funny though. also thanks to everyone who replyed so far! It means a great amount!

We’re pretty open to ideas.


I mean, so long as they are not ManPandaOrc I see no issue with this.


A Few Clans here are open to Halfbreeds, mine including however our recruitment is currently closed. Although we plan to open up again within the month.


Excuse me, as the server UndeadManPandaOrc RPer I take offense to this.

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No, you’re the Half Undead, Half Panda, Half man.


Are you invalidating my orcish heritage? :scream:

Only half of it.