Halaa Battle Tokens

its been a year from the last post ive found, can we get some battle tokens? :smiley:

Kill Horde or was there another way you can get them in later expansions?

ive killed 17 times so far, and theyre lvl 80. they should drop off killing blows and they arent/havent for what seems a year according to the last post ive found.

they wont drop if the game knows you’re cheating the system by trading killing blows.

Only when WoD added a way to get tons from the mission table

Double check the forum this is in, perhaps?

Didn’t get them from regular pvp, or trading. It’s just broken, no way to get them and hindering my mtn o mounts. :sob: got a few kills leveling fresh, no go.

your best bet for this is, find someone with ally alts 75+ i did it my self and it took 3 hours. but well worth because it got my 100/100 mounts.

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Thought it was just honorable kills? I’ve got a friend with a 72 not working for me