Had a legit AV group, still lost hard

Just had a group leading AV. Posted discord, seems like quite a few came in and the ones who didn’t were listening. We had maybe 5 or 6 afk/leaches.

We wipe them at Bal and take mid GY. Holy crap, this is going well… We kill Galv before they get Bal and head over and cap IBGY. In that trade we lose SHGY, but, there is not too much we can do as we are fighting IBGY. We push and actually get the cap on FWGY, but, they backdoor the base and solo pull Van. 10 people recall back and are instantly deleted by AOE. They kill Van before we can push into base.

We did everything we really could have to win this game. We pushed faster, capped more, got WAY more kills (I was 136HK for 2 deaths). Then the enemy team exploits the map and wins anyways.



Why does the alliance keep doing AV? Doing AV is like needing a hole in the head. Oh well, keep at it boys.


BiS exalted items


If you’re all south how do you know they back doored instead of just going across the bridge?


Because we kept 2 in base to keep watch and call out recall.

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You’re telling me that enough people to “instantly delete 10 people” with AoE all decided to jump up the side of the base instead of just running across the bridge which is much easier and faster…especially when under a time-crunch?

It sounds to me like you wanted to race and you lost the race.


You have literally no evidence to support what you are saying. I am just letting you know what happened. Either take it at face value or not. We still had bridge GY, they skipped it and back doored.


Neither do you /shrug. You’re just telling a story that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me.

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“Neither do you.” No duh? I am not in the habit of recording the entire map to prove a post like this. I am simply telling a story. We were pushing objectives faster and they used backdoor to skip a GY and go directly into Van. How is this hard to believe?

Like, I don’t think this is much of an extraordinary claim lol.

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Because its faster and easier to just run across the bridge and skip StormPike if you have no one defending…especially if the Horde think they’re going to be losing shortly. Especially to get enough people to “instantly delete 10 people.” into DB.

The whole reason why people use the “back door” is to get around people defending the bridge. If you have 2 people there, that really is not a defense.

You lost and looked at the map and saw the Horde skipped Stormpike and just assumed they cheated.


You need some better reading comprehension there bud. We had people in base call out the backdoor. Taking the back door takes a couple seconds. And deleting people porting in is not hard. They spawn in the same place no matter what. A couple mages ready for them and 1-2 sappers and they are gone.

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My reading comprehension seems pretty fine.

What happens on american server?

Like on EU if horde wipes/evades/just being too slow for 10 seconds - alliance wins. Sometimes alliance wins even when horde is speedrunning.

Except we had a call out. This is why your reading comprehension or reasoning skills suck.

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So your complaint is that you had 2 people on defense, and the Horde decided to take the longer, slower and more difficult path to end the game by doing the back door jump? That doesn’t seem as likely as them just running across the bridge.

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My complaint had nothing to do with how many people were on defense. That is a really dumb thing to say. My complaint is that there are 2 different places Alliance has to worry about Horde coming from and ONE of those places is a couple yards from recall spot. Try to keep up.

If you had only 2 people on defense, it literally doesn’t matter how they got in your base. The ONLY thing that makes the back door strong is that it gets past the bridge turtle. If you dont have a bridge turtle, then there is absolutely no reason to use it…and if the DID use it, it means they actually did you a favor and were slower than going across the bridge.

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Ok, apparently I need to spell out something super simple to you. If you have someone watching bridge and they call out Horde coming, it is a decent run from the bridge to the recall spot, enough time for people to recall and be Ok. The backdoor is literally a couple yards from recall spot, meaning the Horde can take control of that spot and AOE anyone who recalls. So, YES, it does matter how they come in.


But you can see them from much further out doing the jumps on the cliff that take time…actually giving you more time to call them out for recalling.

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