Had a dude in RDF earlier who was toxic to healer

…so i didn’t heal him and he had to corpse run 4 or 5 times in ToC.

Be kind to your healers. We have more power than you realize :slight_smile:


Sounds fun

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Had to punish a mage the other day that kept getting 1-2 shotted by the first waves of mobs in HoR who was blaming me for not being fast enough to heal them in .324 secs.


Always blame the healers.

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Blame priority:

  1. Healers
  2. Healers
  3. Tanks
  4. Caster DPS
  5. Melee DPS


I feel like tank is highest up there, since as a tank, you should always be able to get a feel for everyone in your group rather quickly, and you’re trying to optimize the runs around their playstyle and ability, not one singular playstyle for everybody, imo.


Its funny, because if you reverse that list, you’ll have the most likely to screw up list xD


unironically, yeah lmao


good way to get banned for griefing, funny people like you cry and call pvp ganking “griefing” but purposely not healing and being a child is actual griefing.

You’re the worst kind of player, that actually should be banned. And you people are pathetic prob in your late 20s, early 30s…classic wow has the worst kind of community on it.


Tbh in ToC I already release and run back bc I only run gammas and have terrible luck getting priestess. Still get your point though

From what I’ve read, I see no occurrences of griefing going on other than someone was being toxic and griefing the healer.

I do agree with you that the person being toxic/griefing the healer should be banned.


So, I should be banned because other player started running his mouth and was being toxic, ruining everyone’s fun. And the repercussions he/she faced was solely due to his (or hers) actions.


I’ d say we also imprison Tammy Smith from Nebraska and Timmy Jones from Alaska for Jeff Bezos’ tax evasion. They’ve used amazon after all.

Good logic. You’d make a great judge judy!


That’s exactly what just happened to me as im just coming off my suspension.

Someone else was being toxic first but because I used naughty words, I got reported and suspended for it.

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the reaction toward toxicity in chat is to put them in ignore or report him/her
but you reacted with action toward a chat which is not good.

if him/her was playing properly then why punish the game play? not only that you let him/her die which is a bad behavior but also you wasted more time for the 5players, if him/her was afk not attacking or w/e, u could simply vote kick him/her.

also do not be too sensitive & do not get triggered easily, u r playing online game! u will face too many ***** so learn to ignore and move on :smiley:


I’ve kicked a decent amount of healers that won’t heal, I wouldn’t recommend it.


He tried to vote kick me, but group wouldn’t accept.

Simple. Don’t be toxic. And if you are, be ready to face the consequences.



When I’m tanking I’m trying to parse. I’m using as much dps gear as I can get away with so you see the pink numbers when you invite me to your raid. If I die it’s the healers fault because there are tanks with higher parses than mine wearing even more dps gear. Thanks for coming to my ted talk


You are right. Tank parsing is important.

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It’s not at all but it makes me feel good.

I can keep threat with a lot more survivability but why would I. I get to have more fun with my dps gear.

If the healer dies it’s the tank’s fault, if the tank dies it’s the healer’s fault, if a dps dies it is their own fault. Or something like that the saying goes.

On a more serious note I agree with those saying to just ignore/report the toxic person and finish the run competently. Obviously if the other people agree that person is toxic and it’s impacting the run a vote kick would pass no problem. If it’s just a you and them thing and not bothering play then it’s a bigger delay and hindrance to let them corpse run “8 or 9 times” opposed to finishing quicker with all 3 dps.

Just my two cents from a healer main perspective.