[H/A] <Quintessence> PROUDMOORE-US 9/9H 3/9M Fri/Sat guild looking for all specs!

We’re accepting all raiders for 10.1.5! Join us for some casual mythic prog and AOTC.

At Quintessence, our goal is simple: kill bosses and have fun. We’re a semi-casual guild with a focus on AOTC (while leaving the door open for mythic raiding as a fun bonus), and we want to expand our roster with players who want to help us get that every raid. We have a very active community of players that engage daily in discord and in game. Lots of talking, with no cliques or groups that single out others or promote toxic behaviors. We are a safe space for LGBTQ+ players and promote inclusive and welcoming atmospheres. The majority of our players are here for fun, and like to joke around quite a bit while raiding and keys.


  • VotI: AOTC + 4/8M
  • Aberrus: AOTC + 3/9M 9/9H

Raid Information:

  • Friday 7PM-9:30pm PST
  • Saturday 7PM-9:30pm PST

Alt/Event (Optional)

  • Tuesday 7PM-9:30pm PST

We’re looking for:

  • DPS: Looking for DPS with viable tank offspec.
  • TANKS: Looking for Tanks with viable DPS offspec.
  • DPS: Looking for DPS with viable healer offspec.
  • HEALERS: Looking for Heals with viable tank or dps offspec.

For those who don’t to raid, we are also accepting those who want to just hang out or do M+! or just want to be social in a awesome atmosphere.

You may be a good fit if:

  • You want focus and progression, but are not looking to make this into a full-time job

  • You always work to improve yourself in and out of raid

  • You want an atmosphere that’s chill but knows that when it’s time to kill a boss, you can focus and work with a team.

  • You want to hang out with friends daily and grind out keys or jsut chat in discord about anything.
    *Please reach out with any questions!

  • Battle.net: Nuke#12521

  • Discord: Nuketcg

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