[H/A] <FIRST LIGHT> - 3/12 Mythic - Recruiting Raiders!

First Light Recruitment: Progression Raid Teams
RP-PVE Progression Raiding on Alliance AND Horde!

First Light is actively recruiting exceptional raiders for both our Horde and Alliance Raid Teams! After taking a year off during the BFA lull, both of our teams are now once again aggressively progressing in 8.3 to prepare for Shadowlands! Our Horde Team stands at 3/12 Mythic Ny’alotha (12/12 H & 12/12 N) and our Alliance Team stands at 12/12 Heroic Ny’alotha (12/12 N).

  • Both of our raid teams run on Tuesday and Thursday.
  • Our Horde team runs from 8PM - 11PM CST; Casual / Normal on Saturday.
  • Our Alliance team runs from 9PM - 12AM CST; Casual / Normal on Monday.
  • We actively cross-review logs, jointly critique and aim to collectively improve!
  • Our guild is over twelve years old, and will remain active through Shadowlands.
  • Raid team members are encouraged, but not required, to roleplay.

Interested candidates for our Progression Core Teams must have the following experience / traits:

  • Have a desire to continue progressing in a friendly environment long-term.
  • Understand how to exhibit the maximum potential of your class.
  • Comfortable with constructive feedback and/or fair criticism.
  • Comfortable with the possibility of being benched.
  • Capable of exhibiting near-perfect execution of mechanics once learned.
  • Willing to show up on time with flasks, food, and potions on hand.
  • Willing to research fights, mechanics, and your own class.
  • Willing and prepared to volunteer to execute task-specific raid mechanics.
  • Respectful of the members of our server community who engage in RP.
  • Always bring a positive attitude with you to raid nights.
  • Always be courteous to your fellow raiders and guildmates.

Ideal candidates will have some (or all) of the following experience / traits:

  • Experience running Mythic raid encounters.
  • Take an interest in the guild’s other activities (RP, etc.).
  • Be communicative. Be able to offer calm, constructive feedback and ideas.

Any candidates who are mechanics-competent and capable of delivering exemplary performance of their class will be actively considered. We are always refining and perfecting our teams, and exceptional players will be given opportunities to prove themselves.

Exceptional DPS will receive the most attention in our recruiting efforts.

Trials will usually take place on casual raid nights where candidates’ performance can be logged and evaluated.

If you are interested in discussing raiding opportunities with First Light, please feel free to join our Discord Server and introduce yourself!

We also gladly accept Roleplayers, Mythic+ Players, Casual Raiders, and Social Members!


Horde Raid Officers:

  • Anaeya
  • Dree

Alliance Raid Officers:

  • Borkem
  • Nevvah
  • Balrund

ooo cool sign me up!


I wholly support this endeavor and not just because I am in this guild.


Best damn guild I’ve ever had.


Very active and very friendly.
5/5 Would recommend. =)


Best guild <3


My favorite people in WoW. :slight_smile:


I love raiding and writing with all of you! <3


Congratulations to our Alliance Raid Team on their Ahead of the Curve achievement!


An amazing group of people. Highly recommend!

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Looking forward to pushing into Mythic on Horde side very soon. We are still looking for exceptional DPS to fill needed raid slots to round out our core 20+ for our Horde progression team!

Gratz on Mythic Wrathion and Mythic Skitra! Well done!

Looking forward to refining our Horde roster further to keep pushing Mythic! We are actively looking for exceptional DPS!

Our guilds on both Alliance and Horde are still recruiting!