[H/A] Experienced Mythic Raider returning - 221 Resto Shaman

I’m a returning experienced mythic raider looking for a mythic guild where I can contribute to core progression. I am currently playing my shaman, preferably resto, with a current ilevel of 221. I am also working on my priest—my oldest toon dating back to 2004—because I like what they’ve done with shadow, and I always liked disc/holy. Priest is a couple of weeks behind though and needs to gear up.

I started playing in 2004 not long after launch, and raided semi-hardcore during vanilla. With the launch of Burning Crusade, that changed and I joined Drow on Doomhammer where we consistently placed in the top 40 of US raid progression. I took a break during Cata, but returned in MoP in a more casual role. During WoD I joined Might on Zul’jin and pushed progression (top 25 US), returned to a more casual role in Legion, and skipped BfA due to real-life getting hectic.

I am back now and itching to tackle what the game has to offer. I’m competitive by nature and it’s hard for me to not want to defeat the hardest content. Unfortunately, Might’s roster has changed a lot since WoD and there isn’t room for me. With the GM’s blessing, I’m here looking for a new home for my main character. I’m hoping some guild out there that values what I have to bring to the table will give me a chance to prove myself in time since I have no current logs to offer.

I pride myself on perfect/near-perfect attendance every tier, and on taking accountability for my personal mistakes and learning from them quickly. I’m highly adaptable, and do my best to remain patient during the learning process. I hold myself to a high standard though, and expect those around me to do so as well. I take raiding seriously.

I am flexible in what I can provide to a raid guild. I have built my shaman to where he is in less than two weeks, and can easily do the same with one of my other characters. My main for 90% of my raiding career was my rogue, but I know they aren’t in the best place right now. I also have a hunter, a paladin, and my original vanilla/oldest character, my priest. For the right guild, I can be whatever you need me to be and bring my depth of experience and skill to that class.

At the end of the day, the most important thing is community, so I am looking for a guild that has a tight group who also like to do things outside of raiding. Running mythic dungeons, world content, etc.; I’m here for it. That being said, I’m willing to take the time to find the right fit. If you need someone to fill a spot after reset tomorrow, I might not be the guy, unless you’re a master salesman. I’ve been in 3 guilds over 16 years, so I’m looking for a solid guild for the future, not just the tier.

I am available to raid pretty much any night, but am on the east coast, so prefer not to go too far past midnight. I’m willing to raid a 3-4 night/ week schedule if progression demands, and it shows results. Also, historically, I have raided in the top echelons of progression, so I would like to continue to push that envelope. You don’t need to be 10/10 mythic nathria yet, but a guild that has a history of eventually clearing mythic content would be ideal for me. I’m willing to put in the time and effort to prove myself to any guild willing to give me the opportunity, and all I ask in return is that you take my time seriously.

Feel free to reach out to me either here on the forum, on bnet at Metric#11204, or Discord at Talisker#0397. Thanks!

Hi Talisker! I’m guessing we’re not at the progression level you’re looking for, but if you want a tight knit group, then that’s what we can offer. Take a look and let us know. Happy to chat more!

Hey, sorry. I thought I got to all the messages from my last post, but I must have missed a couple. Yeah, I’ve consistently raided in the top 50 of US guilds. I don’t mind dropping back a bit because I need to prove myself again after missing an expansion, but I have reservations about guilds that aren’t already significantly progressed in CN by now. Not trying to be a choosing beggar, but I just don’t know if I’d be a good fit on a team that isn’t pushing progression at a decent clip.

hi i have sent you a friend req so we can talk further

A couple of solid options, but still open to meeting new people and discussing things.