[H]3/10H off hour 3PM-6PM EST Raiding community

A few of us unlucky souls playing WOW on NA servers, but living in Europe have been trying to get a regular group of returning raiders to enjoy current content with.
Our main focus will be getting AOTC in a relaxed, 1 day/week environment.
So far our greatest hinderance has been our time constraint, which in the two weeks we have done this so far, has been spent filling and refilling the raid from boss to boss.
What we are looking for:

Relaxed, non toxic players that know their classes and the mechanics of the bosses. Come prepared with consumables and be willing to join Discord.
2 healers
1 DPS with tank OS
1 DPS with healer OS

We raid once a week on Thursday from 3PM-6PM EST (21:00-0:00 GMT+2)

Add me ingame Tired#1664 or look for our LFR listing at raid time.
Community name ingame EUphoriants

Hi there!

I am a Brazilian expat currently living in Europe (therefore one of those unlucky souls) and would very much like to join your ranks! If you’re still trying to find new players, I have sent you a friend request so we can talk about it :slight_smile: