[H][12/12M] <AfterLífe> - Illidan - LF Mage or Hunter

Always nice to have some more people!

Bumping, looking for dps and healer

I have a few jokes that I’d like to post about unemployed people but none of them work

Bump, still looking!

lets kill some bosses!

bump, looking for ranged dps and disc/resto sham/holy paladin

Let’s dooooo eeeeeeeeet.

Tuesday reset comin quick. Just pointing out the obvious.

Bump. Looking for a good mage (maybe even 2)

hi im the tank :slight_smile:

Need some more frenz

Bump. Looking for ranged DPS

I hit bosses and they hit me back

9/12m :slight_smile: 10char

Bump Den Dead

I was told to, so… Boop.

Bumping 10/12

Need some more apps!

Bump, looking for dh and other melee/ranged dps

Bump, need a ranged DPS for NZoth prog