[H] [Zul'Jin] <Imagine> 10/10 H CN looking for more raiders for Mythic!

We need you! We are looking to round out our mythic roster. Come for the raid, stay for the degenerate friends you’ll make!

Raid Times/Days: Tues/Weds 7PM-10PM PST (10PM-1AM EST)

Current Progression: 10/10H

Requirements: 200+ ilvl and relevant logs for normal/heroic CN. Positive attitude, people who do research to better know their class, and those who strive for self-improvement. Activities outside of raid to maintain your character.

We are also looking for players who are interested in running mythic+. We currently have one main tank, one off tank spec, and one healer who consistently run m+ with a ton of extra DPS who always want to. We could really use another healer who is interested in KSM.

High Priority: Non-Paladin Heals (Resto Sham / druid / Priest preferred, but all considered), non-warlock Ranged DPS, dps death knight, windwalker.

Exceptional players of all classes and specs will be considered, so don’t be afraid to apply.

Recruitment Contact:
BNET sock#11925 / Discord sock#8764

Please reach out via battlenet or discord, or by replying directly to this thread.