[H] Zul'jin Group of 10 Players (2 Tanks, 1 Healer, 6 DPS) LF a Home

We are a group of 10 players with varying experience from CE to AOTC looking for a home due to our dying guild.
Our group is comprised of: Vengeance DH, Brewmaster Monk, Holy Priest, Outlaw Rogue, Boomkin, 2 Hunters, Havoc DH, Ret Paladin, and Fire Mage.

We can provide logs for all players involved but we are mythic ready but also fine with a more relaxing environment. We would like to push mythic content, but that does not need to begin right now. If your guild is in preparation for a mythic push for the upcoming 9.1 patch and the guild is lacking players, we are the group for you.

If there is any interest, please message me on Discord (COVI_Durant#3236) or on Bnet (Noosemaker#1854).

Hey there! The Aftermath is currently recruiting for our Mythic raid team! [H] US-Zul’Jin Learn more about us here.
Feel free to message add me on disc! Vel#7996

I am expanding our roster in preps for a few mythics…lets chat