[H] [Zul'jin] 399 Ret (dk lock alts) lf AOTC/early mythic guild

My previous guild folded due to lack of motivation. Looking for a new home hopefully for a long time. I have AOTC experience obtaining it for BFA and shadowlands raids I played.

I have a 399 ret with 4pc Prot offspec ready to go for the current tier. I am also willing to swap to my alts Warlock/DK but they are 375 and would need some time commitment to bring them up (but very open to switching for the next tier).

Looking for a 2 weeknight schedule around 8-12pm EST.

Hi Fur,

I’ll post a link to our Area 52 recruitment thread. If you’re interested, add me and let’s chat.
Discord: Jaystir#1204