[H] <ZANCOR> Is looking for more exceptional DPS and Shamans!

ZANCOR Is looking for Resto Shamans, Warlocks, Select Mages, Fury Warriors, a Resto Druid, two priests, one shadow priest, and Spare tanks!(Feral Pref)

Who are we?

Ladies, gentlemen, trolls, orcs, demons, whathaveyous…We are Zancor Gaming, a newly formed gaming community that is itching to hit up the glory days of classic WoW in full force. We are a dedicated bunch looking to push top tier end game content and have a blast while doing so. Who knows …maybe you’ll make a few lifelong friends along the way. We’re about having fun, meeting new people, and kicking butt. Our player base mainly comprises of individuals between 25-32 years of age with a variety of gameplay experience.

We welcome both battle hardened Warcraft players and those who are just joining our world. We foster an atmosphere of teaching those who are learning and doing their best every time they show up, if we’re not improving, then we’re not doing our job.

Who are you folks looking for?

First and foremost …we’re a raiding guild. This means we eat sleep and dream PVE and dragon slaying strategies. We’re not super hardcore raiders pulling long hours into the night, but we are not for the faint of heart either. We will test your mettle and push you to become the best WoW player you can be. We ask that our members maintain a positive attitude and keep their eye on the prize, slaying bosses. New players can be molded into great raiders, but great attitudes can be hard to come by, we don’t care if you’re new to classic, as long as you’ve got a positive attitude and a willingness to learn. Do not be afraid to ask questions, today’s students may be tomorrow’s masters.

Raid times?

Tuesday. Wednesday, Thursday 8:30pm-11:00pm PST.

Monday (Optional cleanup AKA “The Chungus Raid”) 8:30pm-10:30pm PST

Both MC teams go out on Tuesday night and typically clear in that night.

What are your expectations?

We expect our members to conduct themselves appropriately both in guild level chats as well as in public. Our members represent our guild to the public and each one should show nothing but respect and understanding to the general player community. Friendly ribbing is fine, but please keep it ToS friendly…we don’t need our friends being banned!

We also expect high raid attendance with minimal tardiness. Real life happens, we get it, if you need to miss a raid just let someone know before we start forming and you’ll be excused with no penalty. When we start forming, we expect raiders to come prepared with consumes, enchants, buffs(World buffs not required), and knowledge of our boss strategies. Failure to do so could result in a loss of EP for that specific raid being run.

We also expect clear comms on boss attempts, call outs and communication are key when there are forty raiders in one channel. Banter and whatever else is fine during trash, but we expect to move through content like we’ve done this before… Because we have.

How about the loot system?

We use EPGP for most items with a priority set for certain classes and roles to roll on. Weapons, legendaries, and other super impactful and rare items are distributed via loot council. Our loot council consists of 3 officers and 3 raiders, per raid team. EP is earned for every boss killed as well as paid out for each hour spent in raid. There is a 10% decay on EPGP each week.

Trial members are locked out of Loot Council items until they have earned raider rank.(Usually takes 2 weeks, with acceptable performance)

That sounds great! Where can I sign up?

You can start with telling us a little about yourself at


You can also visit our discord if you have any questions. You can find that at


You can also message any of us in game on Kanye, Lurk, Azaradel, Kopfjager, or Beefy


Bump for more Shamans.

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Bumping this up! We’re also looking for some exceptional priests! (Including one Spriest)

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Any interest in a Shaman Tank? I have logs from MC, need a home BWL and beyond

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If by shaman tank you mean 1 hander with Annihilator and a totem twist build to boost a melee group sure!

We’re also still looking for Warlocks, Mages, a Shadow Priest, Disc Priest, Resto Shamans, and Good Offtanks (Feral Pref).

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bumping dongz

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There are still CORE SPOTS OPEN. If you are serious about succeeding in BWL then we have a home for you!

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Still have openings in our second raid for a dedicated Shadow Priest, Offtank(Feral Druid pref.), Resto Shamans, Warlocks, and maybe a select hunter and mage.

Inquire within and stop missing out on an amazing raiding experience.

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slapping hard

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Before ZANCOR: dying in Ony breath, using tranquility unironically

With ZANCOR: solo heal Ony, using rank 3 healing touch only


bump for ZANCOR

What aboot locks?!

I was a warlock in this guild for a bit. Showing up to Kargath for the raid was a problem for this guild. They couldn’t use mounts, flight points, nor hearthstones to be at the designated spot prior to raid time. I was told it was a requirement as a warlock to summon several people weekly. I was given a choice to either do so or leave the guild by the guild leader. So I left the guild.

So you admit you are a warlock that refuses to use abilities for the good of the raid.

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You didn’t leave, you were kicked for having a poor attitude and being an unhelpful team member.

Don’t make me share the rather embarrassing clip of you spazzing out for NO reason, right before raid.