[H - Yojamaba] Lo Fi Recruitment! GMT+8 3/8

Currently recruiting: DPS & Resto Shaman & 1 Tank

Loot System: DKP – Min Bid

Guild Objective: To clear all classic content within a 2 night a week raid schedule.

Raid Times: Thursday & Monday 10pm-1am SVT

About Us: We are a group of experienced players with a goal of clearing all end game raids while also having as much fun as possible. Even as BWL, AQ40 and Naxx unlock we plan to stick to this schedule.

We don’t think raiding should feel like a job, so we like to joke a few deathrolls and a good banter session

What you can expect from Lo Fi:
• Top Tier Leadership - listens to and works with our players for overall happy raiders.
• Friendly and Helpful - Guild members will get you geared up and stocked up so you can attend our raids

What Lo Fi expects from you:
• Raid Attendance – We understand real life comes first – But we want a core team of 40 positive, helpful and friendly people that can dedicate 2 nights a week to clear all end game content.

• Be Prepared – To clear content effectively you need consumables, you are expected to be prepared for progression nights.

• Look to improve – We want to help you be the best you can be. Upgrade your gear, climb the meters and be looking to beat your personal best.

If you think we would be a good fit for you please contact; Nezza, Taurmoonator or Entombed.


Bump, chasing healers! Will consider all classes. Get in touch today!

Contact Azzen, nezza or funder. 7/9 aq prog completed so far