[H] WW Monk LFG Weekend Raiding

Hey all,

Just came back to the game last weekend and hit 60. Quickly working on raising my renown and building up my legendary. I quit at the start of shadowlands and got 9/10 H on the first tier of raiding, probably would have gotten AOTC but quit the game before hand.

Looking for a guild that raids on Fri/Sat/Sunday etc… and that have a relax atmosphere. I’ve played the game since release and without a doubt this game is best played with friends. I’ve done both mythic raiding and heroic raiding in the past so I’m pretty open. Just looking for a great group of players!

B-net ID: Fusillade#11596.

Here is my Monk’s profile.

Hello there Overshot!

Would love to talk to you more about joining our team we’re currently 3/10M AOTC and raid Fridays & Sundays 8 - 11pm EST. I went ahead and sent a bnet friend request to you, Lanoline#1436. Hope to speak with you!